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Last Dance

Flyers @ Ducks, Dec 31, 2010

Evidently this was the last game of 2010.  It certainly felt like a last something, leaving the Pond after the game.  As the Flyers filed off the ice looking all dejected (well, mostly just a little grumpy, but dejected sounds better) I thought “wait! Now they go away and it could be ages before I see them play again?”  Also I began to wonder how long it would take to change my nail polish color from orange to teal for tomorrow.

Then I started craving pudding.  Chocolate or butterscotch or even tapioca would do.  But there would be no pudding for me.  It was never about pudding.  I really really missed Leights tonight. (more…)

The Sound of Silence

Flyers @ Kings, Dec 30, 2010

It really was not a silent game.  At dinner before the game, I saw so many Flyer jerseys roaming LA Live that I sort of wanted to run up and hug them.  I knew it would not be silent at all in the Staples Center, no matter who was winning.

What was silent was the ice.  I could not hear the skating.   The sound of the skates on the ice is a a critical part of a game for me, but some fluke of physics muted that.  Completely bizarre. Nor could I hear players shouting to each other.  I might have believed they just were not doing so, if it were not for the odd muted ice as well.  (more…)

LA LA Land

Some people like a flat within walking distance of a bistro or an espresso shop, or a French bakery. The sort of district with florists and gift shops and a pedestrians only street. Cities with metros and lots of people on bicycles where people carry small dogs in purses. Places like the Left Bank in Paris or Manhattan or downtown Bombay. Okay, the last one probably doesn’t have the little dogs in purses so much but it has some of the other stuff.

I guess I can cope with places like that but I feel a lot more comfortable right here: a house a couple blocks by car to a Denny’s and a Rite-Aid. I’ve been told that the Pond is about 40 minutes away and the Staples Center is somewhere nearby. All perfect.

Unlike my set up in Moscow, everyone here speaks English and I can read what it says on my ticket so I doubt I have to worry about not finding the game. Also, I have my car and the Garmin so I should be good to go. (more…)

The Road

Sharks @ Wild, December 29

I watched the movie The Road recently.  I guess if you were a hopeless optimist, you could see that story as a walking tour of the remnants of a once great civilization, like Pompeii.  Sure, it’s all in disarray and most everything is broken, but there are signs that some hard work and skill and beautiful thoughts went into making the thing that got blown to bits in the explosion.

Sort of like listening to the third period of the Sharks game in Minny.  (more…)

When it Rains it Pours

Flyers @ Canucks, Dec 28, 2010

“We thought this would be a tight affair” said the announcers near the end of the game. Yeah, not so much. 6-2 Canucks.

A rain storm is interfering with my internet access, so I can’t check the Sharks score, but I am sort of thinking this game was a lot like the Sharks game yesterday. Except that the Sharks were coming in on a wining streak and the Flyers had gone into the holiday after losing to the Panthers.

It was one of those games that makes me decide to do my nails and put on a face mask or something, just so I can feel someone got something done during those few hours. (more…)

Home for the Holidays

Kings @ Sharks, Dec 27, 2010

Both teams start the game on winning streaks.  The Sharks could make it five, the King are looking for four wins in a row.  I think too much is made of streaks.

I suffer from an overwhelming desire to post “Nemo!” on FB.  I resist.  I feel strangely superstitious about this game.  I thought it seemed very greedy and overambitious to ask for a fifth win in a row.  I asked anyway, because I didn’t want to jinx anything by NOT asking.  Still, after 2 scoreless periods (scoreless mostly thanks to Nemo- SOG 30-14 in favor of the Kings.)  The second period was significantly better.  No score still and Nemo still doing a good job. (more…)

When to Wear White

I am vaguely confused about how teams decide when to wear their white jerseys.  Some teams even call them their “road jerseys,” which makes me think it is supposed to be done by the visiting team.  I know that some time in the last decade, the tradition changed, it used to be that the home team wore white.  I have noticed some teams doing the reverse, at least during the last month or so.

In any case, the Pens are playing in Ottawa and the Sens are wearing white.  The Sens are also winning.  When I tried to decide which game to watch today, it was hard to choose between this game and the Devils-Maple Leafs game.  I am vaguely curious to see if Lemaire has worked any wonders in his first couple of days back in Jersey, but I also really wanted to see if the Sens could surprise.  The former seemed more likely, what with the Pens being on a winning streak.  I was wrong. (more…)