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Jump successful. Check:)


So, nobody asked my opinion.  But unless I am mistaken, this did happen the next day: San Jose Sharks end skid with win over Minnesota Wild

…and the next game: San Jose Sharks back on top in the West

…and the next: Sharks win again, but Joe Thornton exits game early.

Alas, I guess good things come only in threes.  Get well soon Mr. Thornton.

Gee… sort of makes me wish I could watch Sharks games:(

Muddle-Jumping for Sharks

I read the paper. Any day I can, I find a diner, sit down at a table, and read the paper while some nice person brings me endless cups of coffee. I can think better in a diner because I can’t sit there all day, but once I sit down I feel like I have to sit there for a while, just not too long. Time limits are good, they give me permission to stop thinking about everything beyond that table, because I know that in a little while, not too long, I will get back to all those other things out there. Usually, reading the paper is informative without making me want to jump up and yell at someone. Usually.

In today’s paper, I read David Pollak’s Sharks Report.¬† It was a bleak tale.¬† The gyst of the story was: the team is working on it, looking for a way out of the losing streak.¬† Near the end, Sharks captain Rob Blake was quoted as saying: “We’re not going to wake up tomorrow morning and say ‘Oh, we’re going to play better'” What the? Actually, that sounds like exactly what you need to do.¬† And it’s okay, you can do it. (more…)

Devalunation: penalty-free zone?

The intentional blind-side head shot has been taking up way too much of my mental energy to be merely a symptom of hockey-fever.  I haven’t changed that much since the time I first noticed hockey in the wee hours of nicotine withdrawal, and I still tend to make something out of something else, because I lack the ability to compartmentalize I guess.

Part of it is the question of the contact sports exception, which I spent way too long examining, for a rule that is pretty commonsensical while also being a little bit evil.  Professional athletes do get paid a whopping big salary, and while part of that is due to being able to make a whopping big bunch of money for others, it is also a reflection of the high likelihood of injury and a shorter than average career.  So, why worry so very much about them when a lot of other people get kicked around and don’t ever come close to being properly compensated for their troubles?  What value do we place on the rest of us? (more…)

From the Peanut Gallery: The Blind Side of the Moon?

I may know less about hockey than any hockey fan on the planet.¬† Or maybe not.¬† I know so little, I can’t tell.¬† But sometimes I hear people talking about things that I don’t understand and instead of ignoring it, I open my mouth and chime in.¬† So the musings that follow are just that: reactions to a bunch of stuff I found online, read willy-nilly, without keeping track of what I read or where I found it.

I found a lot of chatter about new rules in the NHL. One in particular addresses intentional, blind side head shots. Obviously, this should be a matter of genuine concern for all fans of the game, as it seems to be for the players. It follows then, that creating a special penalty for hitting someone in the head would stir up a lot of debate.¬† And there are a lot of ideas about how to make a better rule, or why not, and a few discussions of why this is important now when it wasn’t important before… I don’t get that last one at all.¬† Some say it is because only recently we have discovered that blows to the head cause brain damage.¬† Um… I am pretty sure that from the first time someone was kicked in the head by a mule, folks were able to put 2 and 2 together to make, well, “bad”.¬† So, again, why now? (more…)

Taking a Dive

I set up this account because someone who wanted a web site wanted to link it to her blog and I wondered if you could use this to feed directly to a frame on a web site, like a Facebook box or newsfeed. I didn’t figure out how to do that. But having used Facebook now for several months, I am frustrated with the ridiculous character limit on posts. What this says about our interest in language is upsetting. True, it is a good practice to say things with as few words as possible but doing so sort of reminds me of living in Eastern Europe in the early 90s, without the benefit of any dexterity in the local language. A good exercise to be sure but also a little like having your mouth slowly sealed shut by an agent of the Matrix. (more…)