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No Sir, No Dancin’ Today

Evgeni Nabokov

You really have to listen to Scissor Sisters’ I Don’t Feel Like Dancing to get my sentiments today.  (Lemme see what I can do about that… see below.) Don’t listen too closely to the words, I don’t.

Last night’s Sharks-Red Wings game was just what it was chalked up to be: suspenseful, fast, and unpredictable.  Of course it had a happy ending for those who believe unreasonably that the universe wants things to come out fair.

It was a brawl.  Not an actual brawl, there was very little fighting. Maybe it was a scramble, a melee, a fracas… It was untidy and all over the place and no one could remember where they left their drinks or what they had ordered.  That said, I think it went well, not only because the Sharks won.  I found myself thinking (disloyal thing that I am) that even if they lost this game it was going well.  While many people were talking about how tired the Wings must be (they wished), few were talking about the hazards of down time in competitive sports.  I was far less worried about the imaginary fatigue of the Red Wings than how long it might take the Sharks to get back up to speed after several days off. (more…)

Take These Tired Wings

Since my last post, I learned that Mr. Laperrière sustained a concussion in that last game, which I must say I find upsetting.  I must say it not because anyone cares what I think but because I wrote that last under the delusion that Lappy was okay.  On re-reading it, I stand by the general argument, that extreme self-sacrifice makes a big impression on friend and foe alike.  Nonetheless, I hope he is okay and is able to resume playing, and becomes a little bit more self-protective.

Calm before the storm?

Also since last posting, I have discovered the NHL.com message boards, which I knew about but did not visit before. This is almost inexcusable in light of my position on message boards versus social networks, but I was skittish.  You would be too if your first venture had been on the Penguins fan boards in the late 90s.  In any case, I now have many voices to listen to, though I still lack some capacity to understand them.

Detroit-Phoenix, playoffs Game 7

On to the game.  It has been soundly debunked that the Red Wings are tired, clearly they are not old enough for it to make a difference, and no one has been able to convince me that they would fold under physical pressure.  I stand by my theory that, their best players being their oldest players, trying to hit them into a state of confusion is pointless.  Older guys tolerate pain better and have probably learned some skills in the way of avoiding injury.  Zetterberg, a creaky 29 years of age, seems to have eyes in the back of his head anyway, so hitting him could be hazardous to a player’s health since that player would most likely just hit the wall.  I saw several Coyotes doing a fair imitation of Wiley on the rink glass while trying to take Zetterberg out.  However, I wonder if a little Laperrière would not be in order here? (more…)

Yeoman Laperrière

I find it difficult to think about the Sharks right now.  I was so anxious before their last game you would think I had a son on the team.  Not just any son.  A nine-year old who has found the first thing ever he cares about doing well,  a kid with problems in school so hockey is critical to his self esteem and future happiness and chances of staying out of prison.  I knew this anxiety was  a projection of some as yet unidentified and likely more mundane issue. Nonetheless, I was still amazed by the distance I have traveled from insulated, ambivalent and worried about finances to full-blown hockey dementia.  (more…)

Danny Boy


I find myself stumbling around in a daze… they all won.  All of them… today? All three in one day?  Sharks, Flyers and Red Wings.  Saw some blip on the screen about a boarding call on Datsyuk.  Ultimately irrelevant but made me hiss nonetheless.  Absurd, nonsense, pshaw.

Mr. Boyle rose from the ashes to score the first goal for the Sharks.  Nabakov was crystal clear, no muddle in sight. Some kind soul posted a link to a pirated live feed so I could watch the Sharks in OT.  Hopelessly superstitious, I now suspect that this blog is an exorcism of sorts.  I would be of no use to bookmakers at all.  Life is beautiful.

Backhand Logic

I am feeling much better about the jinx thing. I gave the Caps games rapt attention on Thursday and Saturday, and while they lost Thursday they did win Saturday. Of course Saturday they pulled Théodore after he was mysteriously stricken with an inability to stop the puck.  This made it harder for me to focus on hoping his team would win. Nevertheless, I am now convinced there is no such thing as a jinx. What nonsense. (more…)

A woman walks into a bar…

This morning an email from the NHL’s tv media offices confirmed what the Sharks Face Book page had already told me, that not for love nor money would I ever be able to view a San Jose Sharks game in my own living room, not unless the nearby municipality expanded its boundaries to swallow up my still fairly rural district, bringing real honest to goodness hard line cable with it.  I was forced to confront the fact that I would have to go to town to watch the Sharks play Colorado in the playoffs.

I am fairly insecure about my hockey knowledge, yet am overwhelmed with a desire to speak of it, to converse aloud on the topic.  The possibility that I might encounter people possessed of hockey wisdom made me nervous.  It would be a terrible temptation. I could hear myself incessantly asking “and what is..?” and “how do they..?”  and “why do they..?”   Additionally, I suspected that I would have to leave early because of my sports affliction, and even if I did leave early it might not do any good, because  I am a jinx. (more…)

Still waters

Do not always run deep.  Working on a flash project about the environment, fashion, the NHL and body image.

In the mean time:

An extreme response to a blog entry I read.