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Back Up Drive


“You have a problem,” someone said to me today when I explained that I didn’t feel like eating because I was too wound up about the game. Maybe. Then again, that sounds a little like the stuff I heard 12 years ago when I tried to go full-bore hockey fan. Like an excess of enthusiasm is some kind of crazy. Not sure what that means but I don’t care too much right now. Right now I just want to see the Flyers winning, though I have accepted that I cannot do that today. Besides, I eat plenty. Can’t blame me for not eating on command.

Right now I am mildly disappointed that the Sharks lost, a little miffed that I was not able to watch it all happen live, and absolutely fuming that I can’t get online to see what is happening in the Flyers game. I get to watch the Sharks lose, albeit delayed by RL interruptions, the Flyers are deconstructing the Halak mystique, Leighton is on the verge of a shut out and I can barely get enough connectivity to see the score. On top of that, the score box just said there has been interference on the Flyers goalie and I am overhwlemed with a need to ask if Leighton is okay. I think he probably is but then again, this is the Flyers and avoiding injury is not their forte.

Bleeding satellite “broadband.” They SUCK. My connection is so strangled down right now that that I can’t even get a pop up to pop.

But the Sharks only lost by one, they never seemed to flip out. Sure, a little skittish here and there but they mostly stayed in the game. They just need to line out and I think they can handle the home stretch. I have not really picked a most irksome yet from the Blackhawks. Perhaps goalie Niemi. He made some pretty fancy saves today but he also got lucky on some.

I can’t recall the second shot that got by Nabby but I was a little cranky about the first. Someone (best I not recall who just now) was between the shooter and the goal and did not block the shot. Shooter and non-blocker were a good ways out but by bad luck or good planning from the shooter, they were aligned so as to make enough of a screen for Nabby to be just a second too slow seeing the shot. Sharks did okay, but I wish they would watch the Flyers. I have a feeling that shot would not have gotten near Nabby if he was wearing an orange sweater. Not from that far out.

The Flyers are up by 6 against the white whale that upset the Caps and the Pens like over-confident row boats. I guess the Flyers have added Captain Ahab to their roster, along with Tigger and crew. I hope Leighton can make this a shut out. That would be nice. He seemed a little miffed with himself for letting that last goal through in Game 6 against the Bruins I think it was. It would be nice for him to have his very own playoff shut-out.

I don’t know if Nabby needs shut-outs. The first one to get by him makes me think of falling off a horse. I suppose you reach an age where you just do not benefit anymore from falling off a horse but I don’t think he is there yet. The benefit I mean is, once you fall off you get a kind of euphoric confidence from the fact that you did not die, and you ride better right after. When the first goal gets by him, Nabby seems to do the same. Unless he gets kicked on the way down (which sometimes happens when you fall off a horse), like in Game 4 against Detroit. But that was the shellfish incident so not useful for identifying a pattern.

Awwww… Leighton got his shut out! He deserves it. Yay Tigger team.

So the “backup” goalie did a magnificent job, and the backup team kept me from a day of utter despondency. That’s what backups are for.

Now what I deserve is to get my internet connection back because I don’t care if I have a problem. I reject it, I refuse to recognize it, therefore I cannot be helped just yet. So gimme my hockey back before I start robbing liquor stores… oh, wait, I guess that wouldn’t do any good.

(Aha… a little empty nonsensical threat like that and I get what I want. Internet back…. sort of.)

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