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Thank You Notes


That's no sunset, I just don't know where it is rising yet.

I was waiting for something to make me feel better about Nabby leaving.  Or Nabby being sent away.  That’s how DW made it sound in his statement.  I have not yet determined if that was intentional or not.  I actually can’t imagine why he would want it to sound that way, it does not serve the team or Nabby, except that it diverts attention from the likelihood that Nabby’s contract demands were impossible for the Sharks to meet at this point.  I still don’t like it as a PR move.

From HF Boards avatar collections

I was upset by the response to the news on the Sharks board.  Still too many complaints and lack of appreciation for what Nabby did for the team.  Only this morning did I find my way over to the HF Board thread on the subject, entitled “Thank you Nabby.” That made me feel a lot better about the fan base.  Probably this is a small sampling but still, they are representative voices of the fans and they said the right things.  Could also be that yesterday I decided to stop drinking coffee and this morning I gave up on that crazy idea.  Either way, I feel a lot less despondent about the goalie situation for the Sharks.

So.  DW sent Nabby away but he also helped send Byf away.  Wow.  I wonder if DW would like some advice about who should be in goal next year?  I would be glad to oblige, as a purely novice female hockey fan who could represent a new ticket sales target group.  Hm.  Should give him a call.  We may not be on the same page yet but we are clearly reading the same book, much to the horror of Sharks fans who know anything about hockey.  I won’t say these decisions were wrong, just that my motivation is not one a sensible GM would want to consider, and yet… all those tickets you could sell to people who don’t know squat about hockey!  It has to be tempting.

I really don’t think it is a bad thing for Nabby to leave, not for Nabby.  With a rep like he has, he should have more than one team on his resume.  I just hope, as I have said before, that it isn’t some dreadful team that can only afford to pay him because they aren’t paying any other top players.  I can’t get a read on the actual cap situation with the Flyers.  In this state of ignorance I can still hope.

More from the same collection

I learned that goalies do not in fact have their own coaches.  If the team doesn’t have one, they don’t have one.  The idea that Nabby has gone all this time without a goalie coach during the season is unbelievable.  Granted, having one is sort of a newfangled idea, but so many teams have done so well with them that I can’t fathom any reason for the Sharks not to have one, except that they put everything on Nabby anyway, why not deprive him of coaching too?

Yes, DW, a goalie coach would be a good idea too, also it would make my goalie recommendation more effective.  Are you still listening?  Pay attention now…

Oh, wait, you already got the message: Pavs and Patty back under contract. Pavs just got my attention by taking 4 mil when many said he could have gotten more.  What a sweetie.  Patty has not changed in my estimation.  He got a lot, though not so very much more than he got last time around.  Many say he is worth it, he could have gotten more.  I still feel like “show me,” which is a ridiculous challenge since I can’t be impressed purely by raw statistics, and he is not the chatty sort, nor has he been consistently neglected by fans or the fates.  So I am glad he is back, I just don’t have much else to say about it.

Ok, so we have not much left to spend.  DW, you know what I am thinking, get it done, and I do not mean Turco.  The fact that this name is bouncing around in my head is a NEGATIVE.  Don’t miss that part- I am thinking do NOT sign him.  I better stop thinking about that name in case the message is not clear.  A goalie requires focus, absolute focus, to be one and to get one.

I will have to think on my other requests a little more.


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