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Mississippi Crossing

CM-libertybellIt would appear that the Sharks will not get their 7th round pick from Philly next year.  Both Nabby and Hamhuis are likely to wait until after July first to sign with anyone.  Hamhuis wants to go west, Nabby may still go east.  Nabby’s agent has apparently also dangled the threat of the KHL to inspire potential suitors.

Ah well, I suppose feelings have been hurt, or business is business.  Probably it is both.  I think the KHL suggestion is a little bit funny.  Not that I haven’t considered trying to get to Russia to watch some hockey games.  One more team to go watch would make the trip more fun.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of the Flyers-Nabby discussions, the fact that Nabby has worked his whole career in San Jose, and that his wife and children are Californians now, were both mentioned as reasons Nabby would not want to move to the East, and might not thrive there.

Right, and the family would do cartwheels over the prospect of moving to Omsk.  Jágr says it’s a great team to play for.  They might get lucky and find a gig in Moscow.  No, wait, they already have a big-name goalie in Moscow.  Then again, he could compete for the number one spot with Hašek.  Maybe they have more than one team in Moscow.  Surely St. Petersburg has a team.  That would make all the difference, one big city is much like another, right?

StPetersburgI actually think it would be great, I would always argue that travel and international experience is a good idea.  I don’t think everyone feels that way.  Moving to Russia is not the same as moving to Philly.  From the standpoint of giving your kids something cool to talk about for the rest of their lives, it is much better.  Professionally, I think it would be a stupid move.

KHL teams have a reputation for going bankrupt, and leaving their players out in the cold.  Players have to insure their salaries by jerry-rigging contracts.  The competition level is considered below the level of NHL teams, though that can’t be proven exactly.  They hardly ever play NHL teams.

Russia sounds great, I just don’t think it is a likely destination for Nabby at this point.  He could go there five years from now and have just as much fun.

So I suspect that both Hamhuis and Nabby will be somewhere in the NHL next year.  Tweets from Bob McKenzie repeat Hamhuis’ preference for the Western Conference.  This is curious.  If everyone knows Hamhuis would like to go to Vancouver, why all the smoke?  I don’t think Vancouver is a likely option.

The Orange Crush says Nabby’s salary hopes are in the $6 million range.  Hm.  That is pretty much what everyone supposed they would be.  I understand why.  Several of his Sharks now-ex-team-mates are getting that and more.  Unfortunately for him, most of those contracts were negotiated in a seller’s market.

TorontoThere is always the “go to a terrible team, get paid a lot to lose” option.  Please don’t do that Nabby.  Everyone loves modesty, no one likes greedy.  By taking less to be on a better team, he can win and not worry about modesty anyway. In the record books, on wiki pages, they will not mention his salary, or I hope they won’t.  Posterity values achievements, not paychecks.  Some day his kids will be able to appreciate that too.

Wouldn’t going to the KHL also look good on the wiki page?  He might get paid more but it would be great for the KHL and also for the family.  If you have to move, don’t just relocate, move someplace really new.   That could be considered a not-greedy, even selfless decision.

There’s selfless and then there’s crazy talk.


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