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Psychic For Hire?

Not quite yet… I don’t have to set up shop as a psychic just yet.  I have been feeling quiet lately, listening for murmurs.  I see little blurbs tucked into articles about Turco and Nabby, saying the Flyers are still talking to Leighton.  Not sure how reliable that source is, but I have seen a bevvy of articles mention that Paul Holmgren is still talking to Leighton.  Nothing dubious about that.

Then I heard whispers that the Sharks had asked permission to also talk to Leighton.  That gave me a start.  I can’t really process it.  A source close to me assures me that I am not psychic, just sensible, says that this would probably be a good business decision.  Right, whatever.  It still freaks me out.

I really believe that Leighton would work out for the Sharks. If indeed they have kept Greiss on the bench instead of in the AHL because they believe he can do this, then he deserves a shot.  Greiss only played in 17 games last season, which sounds a little catastrophic for him.  Even if they know he has the talent, they certainly haven’t kept him in practice.  I guess that’s what the off-season is for- to get everyone equally out of practice.

I don’t know if the Sharks would want to sign Leighton as a starter, but even if they did he is not Nabby and I think Greiss would see a lot more time in the net.  Also, and again, the money issue is there.  There was a rumor, probably entirely false, that Turco turned down an offer from the Flyers for 2 million.  I wouldn’t repeat it except to point out that Turco probably does want at least 2 million.  That’s a big pay cut from what he was earning. He probably also does not want a short contract at this point in his career.

A lot of Sharks fans seem to think that recent decisions from Doug Wilson suggest he might well sign Turco for more than the team should spend on a goaltender of that ilk.  I don’t think so.  I mean, I don’t think he will spend more than he should.  I suspect there is a bomb up there somewhere on its way down, in the form of someone not coming back that will upset a lot of fans.  Someone to clear out cap space in a big way.

I don’t really know who the team thinks they can spare at this point, though they look a little heavy in the middle:  there are a lot of centers.

I keep drifting back to why not Turco.  I don’t know why not the other guys being discussed, but I think I have exhausted the topic of “why Leighton” in previous entries.  I think he has a lot more to offer than we have seen, and while he is not a veteran like Turco, or even Mason, he has more mileage than Greiss, by a lot.  He is young enough to hold down the fort if Greiss has a melt down.  Who knows, I could be right, he could be so much better than anyone gives him credit for.

Much has been made of players like Turco and Nabby waiting to see what offers they get on the open market.  Accusations of greed and vanity abound.  I don’t think there is anything unreasonable about waiting a few days.  If everyone assumes that the market is not what it used to be, that free agent goalies need to expect a pay cut,  then there is good reason to wait and see how bad that cut needs to be.  Of course, if you wanted to gamble and sign before then, you could get more.  Or you could get less.  GMs are playing the same game.

As I suspected, the teams with money to burn are almost all struggling competition-wise.  Only the Avs have money and a pretty good record of late.  But they also have Anderson and, apparently, an aversion to spending period.  So really, if Nabby does want a run at the Stanley Cup, he needs to sign with the Flyers.  IMO, of course.

I expect some days of quiet on the rumor front.  My expectations are hardly ever met, but right now it makes sense for everyone to be waiting.  I’ll wait too, with the twitter feed on the screen of course.


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