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Two Year or Not Two Year

So, the Twitter mill has Michael Leighton signed with the Flyers for 2 years.  The Twitter I initially saw (and have since seen re-tweeted many times already) said “Sportsnet has learned Michael Leighton has come to terms on short term 2 year/ 3.1M with the Flyers.”  I posted a question on a message board about what a “short term two years” is.  Hence the title.  It is apparently a symptom of FTD  (frenzied twitter disorder), the typing of redundant phrases and accompanying blindness to the same.

More rumor says that the Flyers are not ruling anything out, except 6 million dollar goalies, I imagine.  Rumors earlier had them inquiring about big-dollar defensemen, which sort of hinted that they were about to sign Leighton.  At least, I thought it did.

That’s fine.  I don’t have to worry about psychic vibes anymore and Leighton gets to stay with the Flyers, which seems like a good place for him.

Not sure what to make of Nabby’s situation.  The Habs are all goalie-d up, the Caps are not looking, neither are the Pens.  Not sure who else is out there for an FA who would like to sign with a Stanley Cup contender.  Where oh where will Nabby go?

From the HF Boards, Facebook,  and Twitter feeds, the Flyers fans are all in an uproar.  It sounds as bad as the reaction to the Wallin signing in Shark territory, only a lot louder because there are lots more hockey fans in Philly than San Jose.  How awful.  I can’t say Sharks fans would have been any more welcoming to Leights, unless he came in a package deal with Chris Pronger.

—–sometime later———–

The feeding frenzy is scheduled to commence at high noon tomorrow.  According to the Twitterverse, all hell may break loose, or not.  Very exciting!

Found a few people happy about Leighton being signed, at least on the Flyers’ Facebook page.  That’s probably not the most representative crowd, but it is nice to see some people aren’t lighting torches or joining a posse.  I will take positive vibes anywhere I can find them.

I just read through a bunch of articles I found at the Orange Crush, aka The Flyers Blog (when did the name change?).  They were articles about Leighton and they pretty much reminded me why I think he is so cool, and they clarified why the Flyers should and may well start him next season.  I may be influenced by the dramatic aspect of his story, but his team certainly isn’t.  Logic agrees with all of us- he mostly did pretty darn well, which is as much as you can expect of anyone.  Add a little stability to the mix and time to heal that ankle and who knows, all may be well, even better.

These articles are old, that is pre-Stanley Cup Finals loss, but they are far from irrelevant.  I could argue they are more relevant than Kane’s “soft” goal which was so very soft no one even saw it happen…

Now it is late enough that most meetings on the East Coast have probably concluded, so I will tear myself away from Twitter (at some point I will max out my ability to take in information streams, but it hasn’t happened yet, though I couldn’t remember why I had looked up Hedberg earlier today, or even if it was earlier today…) and go to sleep.  The above-mentioned noon is not really noon, that’s East Coast speak for 9 am.


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