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Beer Stores in Babel: Many Voices, Many Names

Someone in Philly tweeted that they were looking for a beer store within walking distance of home.  I wondered what in the world a beer store was, assuming it was not a chain since one could not expect a particular franchise to be in walking distance of one’s home, unless that franchise is Starbuck’s.  Even then…

The phrase made me wonder if Philly is in a dry county.  I felt a sudden rush of pity for those poor people living under some cruel beer-rationing scheme.  A quick google search told me that this term has been adopted by a number of stores that sell beer, even in California, where you can get a good local brew or import anywhere from the local grocery store to a Rite-Aid.  Evidently names for things have been propagating while I slept in a coma of disconnect. (more…)

Talking ‘Bout Bad, Bad Girls

Some days ago, Puck Huffers wrote about a new promotional project the Penguins are putting together.  The press release from the Pens looked something like this:

The Pittsburgh Penguins will introduce a skating “Ice Crew” for the 2010-11 season – a team of energetic girls and guys who will help clean the ice, interact with fans and take part in other promotional activities…

“We’ll be looking for energy, athleticism and passion for the Penguins,” said James Santilli, the team’s vice president of marketing. (from Penguins News )

ice girl

Who they're really looking for

This Ice Crew has been the subject of some debate and several complaints from fans- mostly women fans.  The complaints are about the actual eligibility requirements, which mentions bare midriffs, hair styles, manicure instructions, makeup suggestions, and a general emphasis on modeling experience over skating ability or hockey knowledge.

Some people are upset because this goes against the Penguin tradition of no ice girls.  Some say it is non-family oriented.  Others complain that it is just plain demeaning and offensive to women.

All of that may be true.  Like others, I am bothered by it because it reminds me that I don’t look like that.  But that is my own fault, my own choice.  What really bugs me, in a way that isn’t my fault, is the hypocrisy, the sneakiness.  Also that the sneakiness is badly done sneakiness because it only takes seconds to see through the ruse.  It is entirely demeaning to women, even women with nice figures and no skating ability whatsoever. (more…)

Mowing Poppies

Cut HereI frequently say I do not know what I am talking about when I discuss hockey.  I do not know at what point I would begin to say I do know what I am talking about.  I don’t think there is a degree or a standardized test to accredit hockey fans.  I now have a lot more information than I had when I started writing this blog, but information only seeds more questions.

The NHL salary cap reminds me of a saying about tall poppies, and what happens to conspicuous persons in some environments.  Tall poppies are the ones that get their heads lopped off first. Of course it isn’t true, the players on the lower end of the scale are the ones who get squeezed the most.  But if you take a mower to the field, you will hit the stand-outs first. (more…)

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet…

ShhhhhhNo Hjalmarsson for the Sharks.  Who then?  David Pollak commented that Doug Wilson would not comment on who else he might be interested in signing, or sending an offer sheet to.  Pollak mentioned a particular player that Wilson did not comment on.  This lead me, and I am sure many others, to think “aha! That must mean he is going after that player.”  Here is the quote:

He wouldn’t, of course, go into what other players moved up a notch on the Sharks’ wish list in their effort to make up for the loss of Rob Blake — it’d be tampering even to mention the Rangers’ Marc Staal, for example, because the qualifying offer he received keeps him Rangers’ property even though he’s an RFA. Working the Corners

Now, that particular player is probably coveted by many in this defense-starved market.  It is true that someone like Doug Wilson cannot say he has an interest in him: that would be interfering with ongoing contract negotiations.  It isn’t a crime, but it is an actionable civil offense.   If Wilson voiced an interest in hiring that player, he would be giving that player negotiation leverage for free.  Unless you are prepared to make a formal offer, and have done so, it is stupid to do that.

Ironically, to say he is not interested in that player would be the same thing, only now he would be harming the player instead of the other team.  (more…)

Carrots for Chocolate

Today I learned several things via Twitter while waiting for news, but few had anything to do with hockey.  For example, Nathan Fillion re-tweeted this photo:


My first thought was: but as soon as you go to grab those keys in a hurry, that axe will end up in your foot. From this I learned: I can be very literal-minded.

Also: Simon Gagne has NOT been traded.  From this I learned that someone said he had been.  As far as I can tell, it came from a rumor that originated by way of eavesdropping at a charity golf tournament.  I won’t say he has not been traded, only that he says he has not been traded, as does his agent, officially.  If that’s his story, I will stick to it.

I also heard a lot about baseball.  A team in Philly did very well.  From the response to that team’s success, I learned: this is unusual.   Thankfully, I heard less, and learned nothing, about basketball.  All of which reminded me of someone offering me a carrot to ease a chocolate craving. (more…)

Cold War (cont.)

hammer and stickI find it fascinating that Nabby is being said to have “priced himself out of the NHL” when he signed for exactly what people expected him to ask for.  One could as easily say the market collapsed under him.  He didn’t move, the price point for goalies did.  His value should drop by half because he hasn’t won a cup?  Neither has Kovalchuk and he is proving to be one big pain in the arse.  Were it not for the KHL, the NHL would have all such players well in hand, their salary ambitions would be no more useful than wishful thinking.

Ah, the KHL.  That thorn in the Big Dog’s paw.  It sounds like there is a finite number of hockey fans and nobody wants to share.  There may be a finite number of hockey fans, with a limited number of dollars to spend.  Take a tip from the tobacco industry- you don’t spend your money fighting the competition, you spend it making new addicts.  To do otherwise is downright un-American. (more…)

Flight Confirmed

Per kuklaskorner on twitter by way of Jay_Gold_: “UFA G Evgeni Nabokov apparently just signed a 4 year deal in the KHL w/SKA St. Petersburg. Waiting for confirmation.”

That’s a kick in the head from a pissed off draft mule.  I am hoping it is not accurate, that at least the four year part is wrong.  It doesn’t have anything to do with me but it still makes me profoundly sad.  A heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  If it is true, which will probably be verified before I finish this sentence, it means he is done with us, done with the NHL. (more…)