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Peripheral Matters

Progress has been somewhat impeded by trivial matters.  Photos for one thing.  Turns out that Russian visas require smile-free photos for the application, so my extra grinning passport pics would not suffice.

Also, the website for the KHL-NHL exhibition games must be going through growing pangs, as only today would it let me actually order a ticket to the St. Petersburg game (SKA v. Carolina Hurricanes.)  I started several days ago, once the ticket ordering pages appeared, and each day more of them would be translated into English, and now Latvian.

I am still not certain that I have purchased a ticket.  There are a couple of emails in Russian in my inbox but I have not run them through google translate yet.  How will I get by in Russia without google translate?  Where are those Star Trek devices when you need them?

I am slowly starting to panic about getting tickets to the regular KHL games.  I know Dimitry told me that I could not get them yet but I am still starting to panic.  I’m not so good with trusting people I have not met, and even then I would rather wait until I have the desired item before trusting.

Selecting a seat posed a challenge.  As far as I could tell, the seating chart was flipped upside-down on the order sheet.  The seats were still numbered, and one could assume that “Row 1” meant the row closest to the ice, but one could be wrong.  It IS another country and all that.  So I went with something that looked middling, figured that would be safe, not too far from either edge of the displayed section.

The visa application asks fairly odd questions, like where you went to school and what your two previous jobs were, before your present one.  Since most of the companies I have worked for are now out of business, that is a tough one to answer.  Scratch that, ALL the companies I have worked for over the past eight years are now gone.  Sigh.  There just isn’t enough space on the form to explain that, and the instructions are very clear that I am not to put more than one character in each box, or write outside the designated space.  It will be a challenge abbreviating everything to fit.

The 2-week start date for ticket sales unfortunately falls on a Saturday.  A week from Saturday.  The proximity of my departure is a little obscured by the panic about getting game tickets.  But it is creeping into my peripheral vision.  I don’t even know if I have long underwear, but I do have a strong memory of needing them in the Czech Republic.  I guess I better find some.

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