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En Route


Dimitri came through.  I could have treated getting game tickets as part of my adventure.  It was, sort of.  It was a pre-adventure in obtaining that which does not want to be obtained from within the US. 

I left my phone at home since it would not work outside the US.  Only later, like in DC, realized I might have wanted to make calls in DC.  I didn’t absolutely need to be all cut off like that for 18 or 20 or whatever crazy number of hours. 

It also means I traveled with no clock.  That was very weird. 

I started having a pollen allergy attack the day before leaving.  I am calling it allergies.  I don’t want to be sickly.  I have drugs, lots of drugs, I will not admit sickliness.  That is hard to do when you are sneezing every 2 minutes and going through a box of tissues every hour.  Stupid mess.  Stupid nose.

I don’t miss the phone yet but I do miss twitter like crazy.  I believe I have forgotten what my twitter password is. 

I noted that before I left, Bobrovsky had a very good day, Leights not so much.  Just the pre-season but still.  I don’t like it when Leights has a bad day, not when there’s this Russian kid causing such a stir in Philly.  Maybe not being on twitter is actually a good thing right now.


The sun set by my mental clock at around 5pm, a burnt orange ribbon between dark sky and darker land.  Now I can’t find the moon, don’t know where to look.  I know Canada is down there somewhere, Montreal even, a little map here on the seat in front of me shows it there.  For a moment I wanted us to pull over, just for a look-see.  Must have watched too many Habs games reruns lately.  That and hey, they speak French.  I speak French.  They don’t speak so much French in Russia.  I still don’t speak Russian. 

Incidentally, after a visit to the Duty Free, I believe American smokers should be treated as national heroes, s risking their lives as they do to give all that money to state governments.  $34 for a carton of cigarettes in the Duty Free?  In California, $68 easy, in NY I know it is lots more.  So thank a smoker today for what little money your state government does have to spend on filling pot holes or whatever they do with it.


Okay, almost really hot here.  Maybe I have a fever.  It is over 50 I think, could be as warm as 60? I dunno.  If you take too many cold meds you get a little weird.

The tickets have been delivered to my friend here in Moscow.  He says he would not take a passport or anything important to the games, also he still has zero interest in going to see a game.  He believes Russian fans are very rowdy and not to be trusted.  He doesn’t go to sporting events. While his opinion is probably more reliable than mine (he is Russian, he does live here), it is not based on direct personal experience.  It would surely qualify as hearsay.

So, I won’t take my passport with me, I’ll take a copy of it or my CA DL (why do I have that here?)  But I really don’t expect to see anything like you hear happens at a soccer game… could be wrong but I am optimistic.  Also I am stoned on cold meds.  So I will nap and soon the tix to see Jagr and Nabby and Hasek will be here…

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