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Tim Panaccio tweeted that Bill Guerin bears a resemblance to Tim Curry.  Now I have the image of Guerin in fishnets stuck in my head, which is unfair to Guerin and also to me because… creepy!  Panaccio tried to identify Curry as the clown from the Stephen King movie “It.”  Lame.  Curry has always and ever will be The Sweet Transvestite.  Come to think of it, I am pretty sure I once saw a pic of Russell Crowe in that role too.  I guess Guerin is in good company.

I will blame Panaccio for my disordered state of mind.  I don’t even know why I’m writing today, unless it’s an attempt to purge fluff so I can get on with more urgent matters.

Before my brain got stuck on surprising casting choices for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I had been back to Bourne’s Blog.  He discussed the captaincy issue in a way that made me feel clever for thinking it isn’t necessarily a personal or professional calamity to have the “C” taken away from you.  Very good discussion, but I am biased, since I agree with the author. (more…)

Skid Control

Woke a neighbor up this morning.  When I went out into the dark to feed the critters, I could hear coyotes howling, or yipping, whatever you call that creepy self-confident noise they make.  I figured that if the neighborhood could sleep through that, they could sleep through a few whistles.  I had to whistle to let the critters know I was putting their food out, since it was very early for them: 5:15.

I was wrong.  After a couple of whistles I heard a voice call down the hill “is everything okay?”  “I’m just feeding early, sorry!” I shouted back.  Maybe I’m still wrong.  Maybe the coyotes woke her up.

At the time, it seemed perfectly reasonable.  I had that virtuous feeling you get when you are up before the sun, getting some exercise, an extra long day thus available to you.  But you shouldn’t wake the neighbors.  Law suits have ensued from such behavior.  In retrospect, that seemed like a sign that things are skidding out of control here, me up at 5 on a Saturday so I can drive to San Jose in case I can get in line in time to see the Sharks practice. (more…)

Illicit Minor

Reading Justin Bourne’s blog post(s) on the subject of steroid use and testing in professional hockey made me think (more) about that ugly topic.  In doing so, I convinced myself that there must be a raging steroid abuse problem among professional hockey players.  If you don’t jump to a conclusion you may never catch it.

Bourne specifically said that is not what he intended: “…I hope it spurs somewhat of an epiphany for people – it’s not a crisis in our sport, but to beat a cliche, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So prevent, damnit, prevent!” (Getting Out Ahead Of It)

I jumped right over that, started digging my sky-fallout shelter. (more…)

Push Door to Open

moscow arenas

Half the trip mapped out?

Marc Staal, as expected but unhoped for by so many, has signed with the Rangers.  Several years, not a grossly high salary.  Some call it a steal for the Rangers.  I don’t care about the details.

I wonder if Staal got any offer sheets? I doubt that would have gone unreported.  The Rangers told everyone “we’ll match anything you offer.”   It’s like they said “this door is locked,”  and no one even pushed on it to check?

Bummer.  Dude.

Nabby’s team beat Jágr’s team.  Not sure how I feel about that, but I do think Nabby is probably on an upswing. I have been thinking that ever since that calamitous game a few days ago.  All kinds of possibilities- bigger ice, different ambiance, bombings not far enough away.  All kinds of possible excuses that have nothing to do with his team-mates.

That’s the good thing about taking a tumble.  I won’t say things can only get better, but better is a lot less difficult to reach when you’re flat on your back with snow in your face.  Jágr scored not at all in the game, but that’s okay.  He just came off of a couple of good games, he’ll recover. (more…)


Balance is everything. If I can go to Stockholm to watch the Sharks, I can surely make it to Philly.

Yesterday I posted something about the impending Fall equinox, which happens the day I leave for Russia, and also how buying tickets to the Sharks-Flyers game made me think of that movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, but I pulled it down because it was all just way too crazy.

That astronomical coincidence is still stuck in my brain, but I won’t write about it again.

I was watching some game, I think it was a replay of a Canucks-Blackhawks playoff game, and someone was sitting in the box, looking up at the video replay of what he had done to get himself there.  The commentator explained this.  He said something like “now he’s watching the replay…”  I can’t remember if the replay showed that the player belonged in the box or not, but it was a very modern-tech moment. (more…)

Visa Check

I picked up my visa this morning.  I had less difficulty getting where I needed to be than last time, but was still too flustered to check the visa over to my satisfaction until I got home.  Once home, about a 40 minute drive from the consulate, I realized there was no photo on the visa.

They did ask for a photo, of very specific size, and without a smile.  So what did they do with it?  There is a little grey box on the visa, as one would expect to see where a photo is supposed to go.  There is some Russian text in that box but I can’t read it and it will be a struggle to figure out how to get the right symbols from my keyboard to use Google translate.  Trying to call the consulate now but my phone battery is dead.  Nothing is easy. (more…)

In The Wilderness

Still waiting for the visa and for game tickets to go on sale.  Haven’t yet figured out who I could ask to go running around Moscow to find the mystery ticket I may or may not have purchased.  In the mean time…

Last night I watched Dan Ellis’s twitter feed implode.  I won’t make any assumptions about what was going on at the other end, how agitated the new Tampa Bay goalie actually was or wasn’t by the responses he got to this series of tweets:

I can’t explain it and I never thought it would be the case but it is true. $ in no way makes u more happy or makes life much easier…If you don’t make a lot of money I don’t expect u to understand in the same way I could never understand what it is like to risk my life…Daily as a fire fighter or police officer…especially not a soldier. There r pros and cons to every profession. U r kidding yourself..If u think money makes things any easier. (FWIW, or until it falls off the feed)

He posted that about 14 hours ago, so around 8 or 9 pm on Monday.  The italicized part was the first tweet, the rest would seem to be “clarification” of his position.  Sigh.

About 12 hours before that, he tweeted “Kind of bored today…what can I stir the pot about today?”

After the pot was stirred, he reminded his followers of the warning, and claimed that he didn’t know why they all got so upset and took him seriously.  With help from that reminder, I knew what he was talking about, because I had been online all day.  Most people aren’t online all day on Labor Day.  That wasn’t fair warning, it was obscure as ancient lore in twitter time. (more…)