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Shake Shake Shake

Exciting game. Or so everyone was saying. I was about this psyched.

I have been trying to shorten my posts, trying to restrain myself.  In keeping with the theme of this weekend, I will throw restraint out the window and just vent.  Am I spoiling for a fight?  Don’t be ridiculous, I disapprove of fighting.  Just in case: use your words.

Everybody, get on the floor.

I wonder if this is why I stopped watching hockey last time?  After the start of this season, I had come to the conclusion that fights are not really the most disruptive disruption, since they are pretty brief and do not directly result in a man advantage.

I still thought that after the two most recent Flyers games.  In those games, much of the chaos was created by overlapping penalties.  Roughing, elbowing, high sticking and boarding still outrank fights as undesirable, even if the recipient gets a power play out of them.  Too many gum up the flow of the game.  Also, maiming= bad. (more…)

The Dragon Wakes

I am again relegated to a woefully bad feed (really a radio broadcast) to watch the Flyers play the Islanders.

Quick notes about the game in general: Timonen scored the first goal of the game, and the first goal for the Flyers’ defense this season.  So that was a really big goal.  Carter just made it 2-0.  I can hear it but I only see still shots.  Right now I think it is frozen on Carter shooting.  I guess that is a nice shot to be stuck on, if it were not so blurry.

What about Bob? I am completely out of my depth here, but since I have not been able to dig up better informed opinions, and since my eyes work okay, I will try to tell what I see. Forgive my inadequate words.  I do not have the terminology to name what I see, or saw. (more…)

Together Again: Ah, Pennsylvania!

Things are not what they seem.

According to the announcers, today’s Flyers-Pens game was pretty much what people expect when these teams meet.  It didn’t look like the last game, but I missed the first of this season and watched none last year.  So I will take their word for it.

The first period was a comedy of errors.  The announcers were surprised when Cooke and Richards dropped the gloves right away.  I guess they aren’t on twitter, or don’t read Flyers news.  Stories like “Richards calls out Matt Cooke” might have clued them in.   I do not approve of fighting, but I do approve of reading.  I think it is worse for announcers to fail in the latter than it is for hockey players to engage in the former: see job descriptions.

I cannot trace the provenance of the other fight.  I suspect it was spontaneous. (more…)

One Thing

I was wrong about the Sens.  They don’t only interest me because of SenSay.  They interest me also because they seem to be chronic under-achievers, apparently even more than the Sharks, and that interests me.

I remember something about getting lost in Moscow.  One of the reasons I didn’t panic was that I had a mission, a single purpose, a destination.  Even though I never reached that destination, having the “one thing” going for me made a huge difference.  I wasn’t aware of it at the time.  Only when someone said later that it sounded terrifying to be lost in such a big city without a map or a clue did I wonder “why didn’t I freak out?” (more…)


Somehow the red doesn't bother me so much when tempered by green.

I sort of thought this might happen.

As there were no Flyers or Sharks games today, I found myself watching the Minnesota-Washington game with some interest.  I did not choose that game, it was the only one airing.

In the process, I remembered that Brad Staubitz is now in Minnesota.  That gave me a foothold on that roster.  I don’t know much about him but I know he was a Shark last year, and more recently was involved in The Rypien Affaire.  So that is something.

At this point in the season, it hardly seems necessary to root against the Caps. I mean,  they do seem to be wallowing, and I don’t approve of kicking anyone when they are down, at least not with any energy. (more…)

The Big Three

About an hour before the Sharks-Devils game started, I caught three mice in one trap.  This has never happened before.  I did not know what to make of it.  I did not know what to name them.  I did not know whether it was safe to release them before the game or not.

The Big Three

I was also afraid to mention it on the message board because I had already taken my game day leave of that forum.  It is bad luck for me to post there during a game.  So I resorted to facebook to share my anxiety.

Reason and compassion prevailed. I turned the mice loose, nameless.

Then the Thornton, Marleau, Heatly line tore it up in the first period.  I did not see all of it, because while I was promised the ability to view the game, I guess I had too many doubts today so the network showed the end of some ball game instead of the first period of the Sharks game.

I didn’t mind too much since I came in with the Sharks already up by 2 goals.  That made it okay. (more…)

Night of Atonement

Bobrovsky before the game, probably not thinking about his investment portfolio

Funny thing about The Fiddler: he always shows up after you have stopped expecting him.  As if to repay me for my complaints about previous games, I could not for the life of me get a clean pirate feed of the Flyers game today.  I had a cruelly crisp tease of a feed that would cut out at irregular intervals. (more…)