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It’s not a circle, it’s a spiral.

Or that’s what Maya Angelou said.  I still feel like I’ve been here before.

First the muddle.  Then the head shots.  This is not the same time of year as I started fretting about these things, but that’s a good thing.  Both should come up sooner than later.

Especially the head shot debate.  Some are complaining that the calls are not consistent enough, or don’t meet the stated criteria for an “intentional blind side hit to the head.”  I say good.  That is a stupid limitation and the refs should go for broke before more brains get scrambled.

Bourne shared some thoughts on the subject, probably not for the first time.  I love the title and the point and the argument and the tone.  I also like the mention of Mr. Cooke.  And there was the Damien Cox article the other day.  It’s all good noise to my ears.  As with any debate, someone is bound to take the other side and say things that are just wrong (Mr. Daly), but debate is still good.

It may just be the way I fixate on things I want to see, but it seems like a lot is going on there.  Fines and suspensions are being doled out, maybe not like a fire sale but at a nice clip.  I say good.  Maybe some players don’t quite realize that it is wrong to try and maim someone, that it is undignified, unsportsmanlike, not manly at all and in every other way just bad bad bad.  Maybe those players are just not very nice, maybe they are the sort to diss little girl fans.  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  Make them stop.

Are the penalties severe enough?  Probably not, but they are there, and they are throwing light on the subject.  That is good.

I tried to find the proper quote from Angelou about the whole falling in the same hole again and again and feeling trapped in a cycle.  I can’t find it.  Maybe it wasn’t her at all.  But someone wrote about that and pointed out that you may feel like you are going in circles but really it is a spiral and you are covering new ground even if some of the landmarks are familiar.  Or maybe the point was just that you have the power to walk around that hole, you don’t have to keep falling into it every time you see it. At some point, you are ready to choose your own path.

I hope that time is now with NHL head shots, because skulls are still hard and brains are still soft and intra-cranial padding is some ways off in the med-tech field.

Goalie news galore, at least news for me.  Theodore starting for Minnesota… huh?  Where?  How dare news happen while I’m off Twitter!  Bobrovsky plays again today.  I’m sure the team will make it up to him, not let him get clobbered again.  The trick is to get back on the horse, not to just get bucked off again.  Greiss sent to Sweden.  I’m not at all sure the team will ever make it up to him.  Hope he has fun.  And Nitty in tonight.  Good.  Both Finns should take a dip in the muddle.  Not fair to let Niemi do all the wallowing. Who knows, maybe the team has remembered how to jump.

Now I’m going to go crawl in my hole with the bag of carrots and try not to freak out about how both of my non-primary color wearing teams are playing again today.  This is supposed to be fun, not nerve-wracking.


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