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Quick Notes

I did not realize what a great story Martin Gerber had until I watched highlights of the Senators @ Oilers game last night.  They mentioned that not only was he in Russia last year but he also broke his neck there.  Good lord!  Nice comeback, Mr. Gerber!

Of course the results of that game have some Senators fans in despair.  I cannot think of anything that might console them so I won’t try.  Maybe their team will.

There he is!  I knew it… no I didn’t.  But I thought it.

Wait a minute, I thought he was supposed to be getting some light conditioning?  Sounds rather more rigorous than that.  This must be good news.  I hope.

The Age of Aquarius

Pavel DatsyukI’m not sure why, but I find the Red Wings amusing like British humor: dry, understated.

I’m going with a friend to see them at the Tank tomorrow.  My friend worried that she might not be able to fully appreciate the experience of a live hockey game, not understanding it and all.  I didn’t even mention the significance of this particular opponent.

I also have not mentioned yet how the suspense is compounded by the fact that the Sharks will be playing with so many hands tied behind their backs in the form of injuries. (more…)

Don’t Look Down

Sharks @ Oilers, November 27, 2010

The reason you should not look down isn’t only that a hockey player might rush up and flatten you.  In a broader context, sooner or later, you go where you look.  I know I didn’t make injuries happen to the Sharks by mentioning how many there had already been– my superstitions have abated somewhat.  Just in case, I will stop speculating about calamities and try to focus on the positive, like this photo:

Nitty and Kurtis Foster chat during warm-up at Rexall Place.


The Agony and the…

??? N’ah, that’s all there was last night.  Hey, at least no one got h… wait, that’s not true either.  Seto is out with an unspecified injury.

Sharks @ Canucks, November 26, 2010

Yes, poor Nemo, but I think he will bounce back.  As for the muddle-sharks, who will hereafter be named in lower case only, they are in a state.  First Nichol, now Seto out.  Good heavens, I have in the past suggested a detailed study of the Flyers but really I meant this season’s Flyers, not last season’s!  Enough with the injuries!

Today the Sharks play the Oilers and the Flyers play the Devils.  It hardly seems right. They should be playing the Wings and the Caps respectively, or the Blue Jackets in turn.  Perhaps together they could beat them.  They can’t fix what ails them today, but they could possibly find new lows.  I don’t think either team needs to do that.  They have been to the bottom and they should not need a refresher course.  I will do my best to follow and try to think happy thoughts.

Oilers Win!

Dubnyk and Gerber celebrate the win. The backup goalie's backup comes through with a win his first time out as an Oiler.

Just had to say that.  It has been a long time coming.

I was able to watch the Oilers-Avalanche game last night.  Now that the Devils have won a couple, and if the Islanders win today (sorry Devils) then I will not be especially interested in what happens outside Flyers and Sharks games.

Then I will be in a spot.  With CSN still blocked, I get no Sharks.  With pirate feeds going down in droves, I will get no Flyers at all.  Also, pirate feeds are not ideal since they require me to be present on the spot for the whole game.  No rewind, no watching later. (more…)

The Zip Line

Blackhawks @ Sharks, Nov 24, 2010

The CSN-Dish Network feud boiled over and obscured my viewing access.  So off I went to the pizza parlor to watch the Sharks, in vaguely unsettling HD.  I found the pre-game interviews most disturbing.  Every little hair in a stubbly beard leaped out at me like some kind of bad 3-D effect.  Doing makeup for HD must be a nightmare.  As it was, everyone not a player looked sort of plastic.

The game was wonderful.  I love that Mayers scored.  I’m going to call that fourth line The Zip Line.  I am sure you’re not supposed to name every line.  It may be futile since the members of each line tend to change.  But they deserve a name, and Zip Line suits them.  They are quick, resourceful, and useful in a pinch. (more…)

Take A Chance On Me

Wow.  And I thought hockey wasn’t about that kind of stuff.  Silly me.

Of course I am delighted Nemo will be in net.  The team has been too tentative about using him: a game here, a game there.  That doesn’t work. (more…)