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Dear Virgos


Bob's got this. Lavi says it's so.

As far as I can tell, the stars are indifferent to your competitive endeavors today.  They look no better for Gemini or Capricorn in terms of conflict resolution, so don’t look to the back-ups.

Libra is having a good day, but you don’t want a Libra minding your net.  They are too easy-going re: personal space, even if they may jump hasty to everyone else’s defense.  They can’t do what you do, but they will be all over the helping out thing.

No matter, Virgo, you don’t believe horoscopes.  Even if you did, you have no weak spots.  Most signs have a vital part (Pisces=feet, Gemini=arms, Libra=kidneys, Cancer=stomach.)  Virgo doesn’t.  For Virgo it is the nervous system.  That means it’s all in your head.  You are the master of your fate.  That’s why you don’t believe horoscopes.

Then there's this: it's still the Year of the Tiger, which is good for the Boar.

Neither do I really, but I think they offer as much insight into what will happen as what has happened can tell us: not much.  Nations follow historical patterns, individuals don’t have to.

In case you are wondering (I suspect you are not, but I was) how many Libran goalies are playing in the NHL right now: 1.  I guessed I called that.


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