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My other other other team

Hm... maybe some day I will have good pics of KHL games. Until then, here's a watermarked Nabby.

If I could forget about Nabby since he went to Russia, Bob would remind me.  Bob looks nothing like Nabby, aside from a glint in the eye that is freaky uncanny similar.

So I decided to check in on SKA St. Pete’s.  For a while, there was no shortage of tweets and message board posts keeping us updated on Nabby’s every slip or stumble.  I haven’t seen any snarking about him lately so I wondered if this meant things were looking up for the team.

A quick review of the team’s record this season, in terms that make sense to me:

September: SKA wins 6/11 games.
Out of those wins, Nabby in goal for 3.
Out of the losses, Nabby was in goal for 4.

October: SKA wins 5/11 games.
Out of those wins, Nabby in for 3
Out of the losses, Nabby in for 3, sharing one loss with Stepanek.

On October 19, they fired the coach and reportedly asked Wayne Gretsky if he would like to come to Russia.  Gretsky declined.  I would try to argue that later in the month the team improved, but with a 2-3 loss to CSKA Moscow on the 20th, I would be hard pressed to make that argument.  For what it’s worth, Nabby didn’t play in that one, though Stepanek should have been able to handle them.  He had before.

November: 3/3 wins so far.  Nabby in net for all of them, including one 7-0 shut out.
Also in November, a 3-1 win against Sibir, who is currently ranked #2 in the East.

SKA is now ranked #3 in the West.  Last time I looked, they were ranked somewhere below the abandon all hope line.  I see now- it was 14th out of 23 on Oct 19.

So.  Maybe a change of coaching was the ticket.  Maybe they didn’t need Gretsky after all, though I think it would have been cool for Gretsky to give it a whirl.

All is well in St. Pete’s, as far as I can tell.  I wouldn’t cook up the crows yet, but just in case, maybe toss some in the freezer.

For no reason I can understand, I decided not to go watch Sharks practice this morning, even though I did wake up early as planned.  Instead, I wanted to spend some time getting my life in order, including sending an email to someone who used to work for the NHL to ask him if I could pick his brain.

I have no idea if he will accept.  He’s family of friends, so I can bring to bear that cruel leverage, but I would really prefer he actually want to discuss his NHL history.  It isn’t the same interviewing someone under duress.  I think that would be the difference between interview and interrogate.  In any case, that seemed more important this am than going to watch practice.

Also, I am afraid to wander too far from the computer because I am awaiting pick up instructions for tickets to another game.  I feel happy and blessed with kind people who want to help me see hockey games.  I also feel a little like a voracious junkie.

I don’t even mind that the Caps- of all teams– beat the Flyers yesterday.  Or was that the day before?  My efforts to forget about such irksome events are starting to pay off.


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