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What Makes Perfect Again?

Wallin by TseAfter last night’s game against the Ducks I didn’t even check Twitter to see if the Sharks would be practicing this morning, I just went. If they had not been there I would have started calling Mr. Wilson’s office… except I forgot my phone.  I would have had to go home to call.

Luckily for whoever answers the phone in Wilson’s office, the Sharks were there.  They were not, however, practicing cross-ice passes, you know, the ones that go all the way across the rink the short way, the ones giving them so much grief right now? Oh well, what do I know?  Maybe you can’t practice that in a small rink.  I was a few minutes late, maybe they covered that before I got there.  Or maybe they decided to abandon the tactic altogether for now.

I’m not being negative, I just want to understand.  I am full of optimism and happy thoughts.

At the end, Niemi worked with a bunch of skaters on shoot outs. I couldn’t tell if the skaters were shooting badly or if Niemi was really good.  Hardly any shots got by him.  I did see Couture get one in there, also McLaren I think.

Much was made of this extra time on the ice for Niemi.  Does it mean he will play or not tomorrow?  I really don’t care, I was just glad to see him doing something almost repetitive and practice-like.

Also watched much practicing of shots, and some interesting and very strenuous looking skating drills: forwards, backwards, left, right.  It seemed to be an exercise in changing direction.

I met up with a woman who takes some nice picks, like this one:

Nitty by Tse

The picks on this page are all hers.  Don’t blame her for the tacky signage- I did that.  I asked her to take picks of the masks, because I just can’t see enough pictures of goalie masks.  We agreed that Niemi’s mask is too abstract. I think someone should give this woman a press pass or whatever she needs to have more access to photo ops.  I can’t take a photo to save my life, and I want more picks.

I met another fan with a camera and gave him my card so he could FB friend me and share his picks too.  That was very forward of me.  Hm.  Anyway, the NHL photos are very nice but I can’t make requests of those photographers, so I will from now on befriend anyone who takes good hockey pictures.

20 year patch

A message board friend has returned from an absence.  He is very wise on hockey matters, and generous about sharing what he knows.  His absence reminded me of past message board friends.  Odd how you can grow attached to someone you have never met or seen.  You may not even know his real name.  But the voice is a powerful thing.  Some people have a very different voice in writing than in person, but there is a something that comes through I think, a touch of the character.

Apparently I am not in the least opaque.  At the game last Saturday, I bumped into two women I met in Sweden.  They asked me if I was petshark on the message board.  Just like that: “are you petshark?” I think that freaks me out.  So much so that I didn’t even ask “what gave me away?”

So I don’t think it is odd that I really missed my message board mentor while he was off line, or that I worried about him even though I have never met him.  The written voice can be very true.

You see, I don’t only  worry about famous people I have never met.  I worry about not famous people I have never met too.  I even worry, sometimes, about people I have met, but it is a lot easier to check up on them.


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