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A Very Sixy Game

A potted foal for Heater

The November 15 LA Kings @ SJ Sharks game was rife with sixes.

What started out as a wish that Heatley score a goal tonight ended in typo-induced PhotoShopping.  Fugazi, on the Sharks message board, wrote: “If Heater pots a foal tonight, Pickles will be all alone on the island.”

I just could not let that go.

This was the first of six games between the Sharks and the Kings.  The Kings came into it on a six game winning streak. 

The game began with much drama and speculation from Randy and Drew (the fellows with the mics) about the awesome skill and success of the Kings and also how calamitous it was to not have Murray in the lineup.  This was all true but, being superstitious as I am, I wished they would shut up.

Obviously Murray’s absence would be a problem.   Number three left a big hole in defense.  How to pair the six d-men, how to minimize the bleeding?  I think the coaching staff settled on one junior with one senior. I think these were the pairs: Joslin with Wallin, Demers with Huskins, and Vlasic with Boyle.  I’m not an expert but I think they did pretty well, playing as they all were with new partners.

Paddy scored the first goal, but for the wrong team.  Much angst ensued.

Now how did you get in there? Clowe, you suave devil!

It was the newly formed second line (Pavs, Couture, Clowe) that got things rolling in the right direction.  Lately, that is what they do: pick up the pace and enchant their opponents into a state of receptive confusion.  That’s why I want to call them The Pick-up Line.  I am sure some other line has been called that before but I still like it.

Scott Nichol scored with a spinning shot that screamed confidence and cleverness.  That was marvelous.  He was due something fancy.

Nitty was moderately spectacular, facing as he did more shots than average.  Someone on the message board voiced concern about his hip, seeing him be so very active in the stretching department.  I thought that is what we have Niemi for.  But I do hope Nitty’s hips hold up just fine.

Really could not have anticipated such a demand for potted foals.

Six goals later, the Sharks ruined the Kings’ lovely winning streak.  All six were credited to different players, making six goal-scorers.  They also launched themselves into the number 6 spot in the Western Conference standings.  This was their sixth win at HP, and their sixth home win this season.

So the typo-induced PhotoShopping continued and ended with a very crowded pot.

As for Pickles, I do not think he is alone on an island.  I think he turned in a fine performance.  It may well be all the rage for d-men to score, but I would just as soon have him prevent scoring against his team as worry about his own goal tally.  He did many praiseworthy things tonight.

The Flyers won too, but that seemed inevitable.  Not inevitable was the fact that both teams have just won three games in a row.  Not a very weird thing, a three game streak, but sort of weird that both orange and teal made it three on the same night.  If they were one team, you could say they won six in a row.


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