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The White Whale

Flyers @ Habs, November 16, 2010

1350 words.

The white whale will smash up your dinghy but it isn’t personal.  He doesn’t understand that it is his job to let you win per the established order, like man over beast. He doesn’t care if that boat is full of NHL poster boys.  He doesn’t know he isn’t supposed to beat them into a state of stunned, weepy disbelief. He is oblivious to insults like “you’re short.”

Seems to me like Bobrovsky can be expected to make a mistake- once.  He learns so fast that I don’t think speaking English could speed it up.

After one period, the Flyers are down by one, a goal scored during a 5 on 3 power play for the Habs.  I hope this makes the Flyers more careful about taking penalties.  No.  Less than 2 minutes in Zherdev goes to the box.  Five minutes in Powe is called for elbowing.  That call seemed unreasonable: Powe didn’t really throw an elbow and it never touched Gorges.

Half way in, finally the Habs start taking penalties too.  The Flyers get 30 seconds of 5 on 3.  Price is on the ball, stops a shot from Pronger and holds on to it, breaking up any momentum the Flyers had during those 30 seconds.  Price is out doing himself.

If the Habs win, they will not bump the Flyers down the charts but if the Flyers win they could get a view from the top.  That would be fun.

Dizzy yet? The Habs can do that to you.

Darn Habs get a two on one rush, Meszaros can’t handle it, neither can Bob.  So does this mean Bob won’t be tricked by another 2 on 1?  That could be asking a lot of any goalie but who knows.

Either he is amazing or he isn’t.  He is adorable but we have yet to see if he is amazing too.

Watching the Toronto-Nashville score progress.  During the first, Nashville was up 3-0.  Just looked again and they are 2/3 of the way thru the 2nd, the score tied at 4.  Way to go Leafs!  Wait… do I like the Leafs?  Have they misbehaved recently?  I can’t remember.

Back from the break, Hartnell goes to the box for a high stick.  Come on guys, this is ridiculous.  Worried I might not like you anymore if you win all the time?

(What did I tell you about the CBJ epidemic?)  I admit it was getting a little tedious, one shelacking after another.  But don’t lose on my account, I’m not so fickle as that.  I get all the drama I need from the Moody Teals.  The Flyers and the Sharks are exempt from the requirement to lose sometimes to keep things interesting.  Go ahead, win away.

The Flyers are up 29-19 shots on goal but with Price playing like this they will have to shoot more and smarter.  Of course it would be nice if he didn’t grab everything that comes near him.  Greedy devil.  Now it’s 33-19.  End of 2nd.  Sheesh.

I am treated to a German tv ad with naked men on skateboards.  In the woods.  WTH?  No idea what they are advertising.

Oh my, Toronto is up by one at the end of the second period.  Nashville isn’t all that but they are well ahead of the Leafs in the standings.

Tomorrow the KHL gets going again.  Can’t wait to see what SKA does now with their new coach.

Would also like the Flyers game to get going again, in the right direction.  I think Lavy might be in a scary way about now.

The Leafs and Preds are off, the Flyers cannot be far behind.

My feed gets all funky but I hear the fans booing about something.  I don’t see a penalty on the board so I can’t tell what it was about.

Lapierre invites Powe to a tussle.  Powe dispatches him.

Hm. Five minutes in to the third and another Habs 2 on 1.  Seems like Gomez fanned on the shot but Bob did stop it.  Now a flurry of Hab shots.  Bob holds them off.

No new shots on goal for the Flyers yet.  I thought fights were supposed to get things going?  Maybe only for the team that starts them?

Lavy calls a time out.  Seems like a good idea.

Toronto still up by one and now on a power play.  Good for them.

About 6 minutes in, JVR trips over Price.

JVR to the box for goalie interference.  A short handed goal would not go amiss right about now.

Instead, the Habs score again.  That is one way to end a power play.

If the Sharks want to beat the Flyers, they should watch the tape of this game.  Also become really short and fast.

Still not a shot on goal from the Flyers in the 3rd.  The home team is having a good night.  Oh look, they are replaying the last goal.  How nice.

Subban has certainly made a place for himself with the Habs. Ah look, a fight: Kostitsyn and Richards.  Now Subban jumps in. That does not seem wise.  Richards explains this to him.  The refs break it all up, put 2 Habs in the box and Richards too.

So, is this a power play for the Flyers?  Does it matter?  Why not, give it a shot, or ten or twenty.

Price will not be moved, Bob is way out of the net to stop the puck… during a Flyers power play.  He should not have to do that. The Flyers are supposed to be making all the short handed moves.  Ah well.  This must be why the Habs are only one step below the Flyers in the conference standings.  They are pretty good.

Blast them.

Another power play… for the Flyers?  Please maybe?  Yes, but not enough time, not the way Price is playing, to score 3 or 4 goals.  Oh well, give it a shot.  Put a dent in him.  It will help keep him sharp.  Price needs the Flyers to score, he wouldn’t want to get over-confident or anything.

I would not argue with that, I just can’t appreciate it because I have watched most of the game in slide-show speed video. Not sure I want to see more.  I can see the Habs uniforms- I like their blue pants.  Very cheerful.  The Flyers power play expires and they go on the penalty kill a few seconds later.

Backlog of penalties to catch up on?  Why not, get them out of your system, guys.

The Leafs hang on and beat the Preds.  Good for them.  I think that was a home game too.

The Flyers manage to push the Habs back a couple of times during this power play.  Now there’s a scrum… tutt tutt.  Two Flyers in the box, lots of chatting, the clock is still running down.  What a mess.  Lavy looks like he has moved beyond anger to acceptance.  If Price can’t be taken down a notch maybe the Flyers can benefit from a cathartic meltdown.

Clock malfunction gives everyone a rest.

3 minutes 51 seconds to go and a bevvy of penalties to set timers for.  I am pretty sure that speaking English wouldn’t clear any of this up for Bob.  But maybe this back to back plus travel thing was not the best idea.  Maybe it doesn’t matter with the Flyers in such disarray.

Price makes saves all over the place like the Flyers are whispering their plans in his ear.  Unbelievable.  If he was not beating the Flyers I would be very happy for him since he was so maligned in the off season.  It’s okay, the crowd chants his name and gives him another standing ovation.

The Flyers have a power play for some reason.  Less than 2 minutes left in the game.  One goal would be nice.  Habs clear, the crowd roars.  A ref escorts a Flyer (Shelley?) to the box.

Who needs a power play anyway?

What the hell, give Price the shut out.  Why not?

Ahab, beware.  The White Whale is on the move.


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