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The Young and The Unrested


I‘m sure it is just me looking for the similarities but it is way too easy to find them between the Sharks and the Flyers these days.  Setting aside the freaky unexpected losses in their most recent games, they are also working their youngsters pretty hard.

Welcome back Mooresy!

Those losses were not to bad teams, they were just bad losses.  The Flyers: shut out and shut down, the Sharks: gave up a strong lead with an abysmal third period.

Last night, the Sharks’ young defensemen surprised everyone with a darn good performance, including a goal from Mike Moore.  Everything fell apart in the last period of the game but they started out going like gangbusters, holding the Avalanche to 12 shots in the first two.  Oh well.  Don’t blame the youngsters, don’t blame Pickles.

But no rest in sight,  they will be right back at it tonight in Dallas.  Whether the same blue line will be in place is not clear.  The extent of Wallin’s injuries is… not clear, and it sounds like Murray will probably be out for a bit.  I could be wrong.

I won’t blame Nitty either, but I did sort of miss Nemo on those breakaways.  Of course, if Nemo had been playing, maybe the Avs would have shot high.  Nobody’s perfect.  Is Nitty tired?  Would he know it if he were?  Would he admit it?  He’s a professionally competitive male, so: maybe, probably not, and no.

Derek Joslin in the lineup for the second time this season

Nitty’s play improved steadily this season, going from good to spectacular.  I might argue it peaked in the game against the Kings.  I had never seen him so good down low.  But he was less good last night.  I don’t think the loss was his fault any more than any other Shark’s but I do think it may be time to give Nemo a string of games, see how he warms up to playing.

But I’m not a coach.

Maybe Lavy has an old school “work ’em ’til they drop” philosophy.  Or maybe they really are planning to send Bob down when Leights gets back.  Not because they don’t like him, not because he isn’t super smashing brilliant great, but because he has the most flexible contract.  No one, absolutely no one who knows anything has suggested this last possibility.  That’s just me being crazy ignorant.  But I am not the only one thinking this is atypical goalie use.

It seems  a little cuckoo to believe Bob isn’t tired.  One, he’s a professionally competitive male, see above.  Two, he may not be tired, until something gives way and he’s laid up indefinitely.  I’m not saying 12 games is crazy but for your first NHL season, with multiple back to back games, on a team that should be very good defensively, when there actually is a competent backup to use… it seems  like over-do to me.


I think Seto employs the most distinctive colloquialisms since the movie Valley Girl.  Perhaps everyone who is not very very old uses these terms.  Turning “tilt” into “tilly” absolutely makes my head spin.  That could fill a wikipedia page easy.

Nonetheless, I imagine players young and old, orange and teal, are all off to their naps and eager for a “dub” tonight.


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