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Habs @ Flyers, chapitre deux. Also Kings @ Sens… and Caps @ Devils… and

I couldn’t find a functional feed for the Flyers-Habs game in English, but I did get a French one.  It was not a great feed, but I had a chat room to keep me informed.

Translation: JVR scores

There don’t seem to be a lot of French-speaking Flyers fans, at least not when the Habs are in the game.  So for this game, happy sounds in French meant the Habs scored, and anything else was for the Flyers.

Of course the user names help too.

It’s not over yet but the Flyers are making a fight of it.  Plenty of short-handed rushes.  I think that usually means they feel pretty good.

The French have a different approach to hockey terms.  Like “power play” is listed as “Num. Sup.” which I’m guessing is short for French for “numerical superiority.”  Also, blame is lessened in the penalty of “tripping” by calling it “caused to stumble.”  I find that vaguely amusing.  I wish I knew what they called “holding” or “slashing.”  Of course the English terms are not always precise either: “cross-checking” is pretty vague, as is “interference.”

And the Flyers win it.  JVR scores the go ahead goal (his first of the year!), Boucher gets two wins in a row.  Happy news.  I wish WordPress wasn’t so anti-swf.  Here’s a plain old link to a swf of Lavy’s thoughts on the game: Laviolette re: Habs game, Nov 22.

Also happy that Richards and Subban did not come to blows.  I don’t know why the media thought they might.  When Richards invited Cooke to fight, he was pretty explicit about it.  When Richards talked about Subban, he very clearly said he would not initiate anything.  It’s nice to know that Richards means what he says.

Also interesting: Devils versus the Caps.  I watched that score clicking along and kept thinking “how cute, the Devils are beating the Caps…. for now.”  The Caps have been so dern deceitful about letting the other team score first.  So I didn’t think much of it when I saw the Devils were up 3-0 in the first period.  I figured the Caps could catch up to that.  At the end of the second it was 5-0 and I had to think “catch that, you slackers!”  I still didn’t expect the Devils to get a shut out.

Elias on getting the shutout for Hedberg: “I said it a few times that let’s bear down defensively so he gets a shutout. He still made a lot of good saves there in the third period.” -From Tom Gulitti’s Twitter feed

Way to go Hedberg!  What a nice day for the Jersey team.

The Sens are still battling it out with the Kings.  They are tied right now.  Good for them.  The Kings are sort of a monstrous opponent: not the team you want to face when things are going badly.   So even if the Sens don’t win, they shouldn’t feel too smushed.

I tried to find a feed of that with no success, just some website that wanted to install software on my computer.  Hm.  Sens up by one now, about 7 1/2 minutes to go.  God this is nerve-wracking.

Kings on a power play.  Why?  I’m afraid to refresh the page to find out… ack ack ack.  Almost 6 minutes to go.  Torture.  If I don’t refresh the page I won’t know when the power play is over.  NHL.com is a little buggy that way.

Okay, better go look, through one eye…

still 56 seconds left on PP….

refresh page…

close one eye, squint the other…

They made it through the power play!

Oh heck, but there’s 4 minutes left…

I  can’t see anything!

This is HORRIBLE!  What is happening?

Why am I so worked up about a Sens game?

This darn electric cig does not work when I need it to.

Refresh page…

…hands over both eyes now…

…is this game giving me a headache, or is that the non-functioning e-cig?

…jeeez, the Kings have outshot the Sens 30-19…

…a little over a minute left…

…refresh page…

Yes, the scores would eventually update if I didn’t refresh the page, it would just take like ten years.

How can there still be more than a minute left?  I hate the new NHL real time score thingy.  The old one was better, with little comments to tell you what the heck was going on without having to load a gigantic bandwidth hog flash page.

… 56 seconds…

… 19 seconds…

I can’t watch, I can’t watch…  really, I can’t watch, all I see are some abstract little numbers.  But even if I could watch I would still have my hands over my eyes.

…3 seconds.  THREE?  How can it land on THREE seconds?  Refresh screen… STILL at 3 seconds.

It occurs to me that they may be reviewing a goal…

Wonderful.  Please please please.  The Kings just don’t need to win this.  They just don’t.  Greedy little king piggies.  Leave some points for someone else.

NHL.com gives me nothing.  Elliott to the rescue:

Finally!  3 seconds… let ’em rip.


Oooh!  Look!  The Leafs beat Dallas!  I am so glad I didn’t see that going on before it was over… and there are no more games going on.  How can that be?  It’s only 7:15!  East Coast bias.


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