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Oilers Win!

Dubnyk and Gerber celebrate the win. The backup goalie's backup comes through with a win his first time out as an Oiler.

Just had to say that.  It has been a long time coming.

I was able to watch the Oilers-Avalanche game last night.  Now that the Devils have won a couple, and if the Islanders win today (sorry Devils) then I will not be especially interested in what happens outside Flyers and Sharks games.

Then I will be in a spot.  With CSN still blocked, I get no Sharks.  With pirate feeds going down in droves, I will get no Flyers at all.  Also, pirate feeds are not ideal since they require me to be present on the spot for the whole game.  No rewind, no watching later.

I am starting to remember friends who vanished unexpectedly into the blue, that sense of loss and frustration at their absence: I want to see them!

Add to that the probability that I must sell my Sharks-Flyers tickets due to intractable RL factors, I am a little frantic.  No doubt this is all a sign of some underlying imbalance in my life but I’m still in junkie mode and I care more about getting my fix than fixing anything.

I may be on the verge of bereft.  Here’s a nice picture to boost my spirits: Martin Gerber moving the puck.  Not the best part of his game but cool photo anyway:

I'm sure he has a good reason for not giving it to that Oiler there in front of him.

Even the prospect of seeing the Sharks and the Red Wings Tuesday does not quite console me.  Maybe it does, and this is why I’m not completely bereft.  Yet.

Bobrovsky is doing a pretty good job today against the Flames.  The Flyers should be able to handle the Flames more…. handily.  They are not doing so.

I suppose they are in a slump after so many wins and so many days in the top spot of the League standings.  It is unreasonable for anyone to expect 100% all the time.

Oh, yes, I did find a pirate feed.  Far be it from me to miss a chance to overstate the gravity of a situation.

JVR just made a nice run up the ice with Nodl but couldn’t quite complete the maneuver.  The Flames may not be as strong as the Flyers but they are hungrier.

So is JVR, and maybe Zherdev too.  They both scored.  But they haven’t been played as regularly as the other Flyers.  That may be a two-fold trick.  One: limiting their ice time makes them work harder.  Two: give them the ice time when the rest of the team is a little dull and they may take up the slack.

After Murray’s performance the other night, I wonder if every player should not sit a game out every so often.  Even Paddy, even Heater, even Pavs.  Not as punishment but as an opportunity to reflect and reset.  Murray never struck me as in need of inspiration, but there he was anyway, right off of injury, tearing it up with energy I have hardly ever seen from him.  Maybe it is physical, maybe mental, but it does seem like the best players come back stronger with a game or two off.

Except for Joe.  I don’t think the “time off” did him any good, but that is different, complicated.

I think the Flyers thrive a little on OT.  I don’t know how their numbers are but they seem pretty confident in OT, certainly more than the Sharks.

Still, the Flames are giving them some grief here, half way through OT.

There goes Leino off a feed from Briere.  No one is with him, Kiprusoff is ready, he can’t shoot.  A Flame keeps him off the net.  In doing so, he holds Leino’s stick and the Flyers get a power play with about 2 minutes left in the OT period.

Pronger goes to the net for the 4-3 pp, Richards scores, it is waved off.  Goalie interference from Pronger?  No, the replay shows him outside the crease… aha.  Pronger lifted his hand to block Kipper’s view.  They call that the “Sean Avery Rule.”  Now that seems insane: unsportsmanlike conduct.  Certainly Avery is unsportsmanlike, but to call holding your arm up 10 inches away from the goalie’s face “unsportsmanlike conduct?”  That is a little bit silly.

Wow.  I guess he is just really tall.  Right.  I love Pronger but I don’t buy that for a second.  He had no idea his hand was precisely in Kipper’s line of sight.  Uh-huh.  So funny.

3 on 3 now, with a 17 second PP for the Flames coming up.  The crowd is very angry.  Timonen and Giroux have a good chance, Kipper stops it.  That 17 second pp coming up.  Bob gloves a shot from Iginla.

Richards skating up ice, short handed Meszaros get a shot, but OT is over.  Going to a shoot out.

Since he has so much trouble with breakaways, I doubt shoot outs are Bob's forte. I suspect they give him too much time to think.

Oh boy.  I have not seen Bob in a shoot out.  I wonder if I will be able to see it well at all?

Giroux up.  The crowd is in a state, on their feet.  Giroux scores.

Tanquay: shoots high.  Bob never goes all the way down, he stops it.

15 game losing streak: Sim's face says it all.

Briere: hits the post.

Hagman: over Bob’s blocker, goal.

Richards: tries a late backhand, Kipper stops it.

Bourque: Bob gets a piece of it but Bourque scores.

Bummer.  The crowd boos.

Ottawa lost to the Pens.


Sorry Devils.  I know you wanted to win but they wanted it MORE.


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