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Devils @ Flyers, Dec 4, 2010

Playing with your mouthpiece: not all players approve.

The Flyers game a was a little exciting. I got to watch most of it.  I tuned in in time to see the Devils up after the first period.   This made me worry- if the Flyers were to lose to the Devils, they might feel extra extra motivated to stop losing immediately and start winning a whole bunch of games in a row.  I would rather they wait until Thursday to do that.  It’s a balance thing.

I know, the Flyers have tumbled to 4th place, but I still feel like the Sharks need the wins more.  It’s because I believe the Flyers can do it.  Whatever “it” is, they can.

Tim Panaccio published this article with some quotes from Lavy.  They might throw some light on that crazy assumption:

“There is a belief in what we do,” Laviolette said. “Players believe in it and do a, b, c and x, y, z and find what we’re looking for. There is a belief that we can win in the way we play. That doesn’t guarantee anything, but it gives you a chance.” …

“This group went through a lot and that core is still here and we added some pieces,” Laviolette said. “But it’s a new team, a new season and we have to make our own way here. Through that core, there’s a belief we can win.” -Panaccio’s NHL Notebook

For some reason, everything he says always makes sense to me and I pretty much believe every word.

As for some of those “new pieces”, I thought it was an excellent sign when Bob made 2 saves on breakaways.  One was Kovalchuk’s.  The photo people agreed that it was significant:

Bob stops Kovalchuk's shot off a breakaway

Yay Bob!  He just keeps fixing one thing after another.  If he had waited a few days before figuring that out no one would have thought the less of him.  But no, fix it now seems to be his motto.

I didn’t notice it in this game, but I have noticed the Flyers using the “leave the shooter to the goalie” tactic when facing a 2 on 1.  That really seems silly.  Even if the puck carrier passes instead, the recipient of that pass necessarily has less time to plan his shot so… maybe they have stopped doing that.  I don’t think the Sharks do that.

The Devils did give the Flyers some grief.  There was not so much orange in the crease as usual.  I’m not sure if that was inattention or just the Devils playing defense pretty well.

So I’m still wondering if the Sharks and the Flyers have any grudges to settle.  God I hope not.  Pinning someone to the ice by the neck with a stick really isn’t like either team.  Generally they all seem pretty sensible, even though they are also both “inconsistent.”  I know Pronger has a rep for misbehaving but I would rather see Pronger misbehave any day than, say, a some vicious little Penguin.  Or, apparently, Mr. Gomez.  Tutt tutt.  Well, the Habs do wear red.  You just can’t trust a team that wears red.

Like the Red Wings.  I harbor the unreasonable belief that I can at least trust them not to maim anyone, but there they are, toying with the Kings.  They grabbed the lead, which was direct of them.  Then the Kings drew even for a few seconds before the Wings scored again.  Actually, that seems very fair of the Wings, not like toying at all.

I guess some red coats are perfectly straightforward, especially when they are wearing mostly white.  Aack.  There the Kings go again, tying the game!  The nerve.


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