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Islanders @ Flyers, Dec 5, 2010

The game got off to a slow start.

New York mustered just four shots on goal as Bobrovsky was caught reading Tolstoy at one point just before Michael Grabner put a high shot off his chest in the final minute of the period. Bobrovsky faced one shot every five minutes. -Panaccio for CNS Philly.com

The Flyers took almost 14 minutes to score this morning.  I became very impatient.  Then they spent another 20 minutes not scoring.  I wanted to ask someone if they plan to score again, or if I should go run errands.  But I did not have anyone to ask.

I was not the only one feeling impatient:

I did not really understand my impatience.  I do expect the Flyers to be less “inconsistent” than the Sharks.  Historically they are, or Lavy’s Flyers are.  Still, why so cranky?  I guess this is what happens when Libras start hitting people in the face with sticks.

There I was, all comfy in the belief that I am a peaceful creature without any ill will in me, and then I see that and I realize that I can also be sort of a b… unpleasant female.  Unpleasantfemale-y I may be, but I will still try to avoid obscenities whenever possible.  In writing.  And in front of children, if I know they are there.  Sneaky little things…

The Flyers did finally score, and though Tim Panaccio said Pronger was the only one shooting on the power play, the puck passed near Carter and he was briefly given credit for it- his 300th NHL point.  That did not last:

Oh well, he’ll get another.

The Islanders are not lying down, though apparently few fans are there to see it.  They are currently ahead of the Flyers in SOG, though again they did have a brief 5 on 3 power play so that probably boosted that number.  Nevertheless, I guess I could give them some credit for the Flyers’ lack of scoring.  Others are not so charitable:

I don’t mind the Islanders not losing, unless it is to the Flyers or the Sharks.  That leaves 27 other teams they can beat.  Sort of like the Oilers- they need to win a few, which they have done now.  I guess that is sufficient to get off my pity list.  So the Islanders can feel free to beat the Oilers next time they meet.

I step away to do some laundry….

The Islanders are winning.  It seems like it must be some kind of computer error, but no, there it is, Islanders 2, Flyers 1.  Preposterous.  Also aggravating:  see previous posts about why Flyers need to win this game as they did yesterday’s.  My plan is falling apart.  Lavy seems to feel the same way.  He called a time out as soon as the Islanders tied it up.  The Flyers charged back out there after the pep talk and got scored on again.

Maybe I need to be a little more patient with the Flyers.  There is a reason I like the team, and it’s not because they win all the time.

I must leave, I have other things to do and I am sure Lavy will sort it.  As I typed that, the Flyers caught up.  Now would be a good time to step away I think.


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