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Goalies Galore

I know, it is folly, it is a sign of poor planning, but it makes me really happy anyway.  I understand LaPerriere could be put on LTIR to make room for the third goalie, but I am mystified as to how he is not already there.  Or someone else could be put on waivers.  The Flyers should know by now that, one way or another, they usually need more than 2 goalies.  Besides, Zherdev wants more time, he’s young and healthy, they can do this, no sweat.  And no goalies get sent away.  Yay!

Speaking of things that make me say yay:

McLellan gives an explanation that makes sense about Nitty not being especially effective against the Wings but come on, we know the goalie isn’t the issue with the Wings.  Either the whole team is on board or it doesn’t work.  So good, give Nemo a run.

No fret, no fuss, just jump.


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