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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Sharks @ Red Wings, Dec 6, 2010

It was a devilish scheme.  Lose to the Habs in a very convincing manner, then start the game against the Red Wings splashing around in a muddle.  It worked.  The Red Wings were fooled, lulled into complacency, something they were craving after wearing their legs off on a long road trip.  By the time they discovered the ruse, it was too late.

When Hannibal Smith said: “I love it when a plan comes together,” he was really saying: “I meant to do that.”  Everyone knew he didn’t really.  Likewise, the Sharks recovered from a dubious start against the Red Wings and came away with a convincing win.

A win is a win, this was not a close game, they had the Red Wings in a scramble fairly quickly.  The Sharks did themselves proud.  I haven’t seen most of the game yet.  I will have to wait for the late night replay.  I wonder if I would have bothered had they lost?  I am a weak spineless fan, with no desire to review unhappy events.  Luckily, it is a happy one and tomorrow I get DirecTV installed… again… and viewing gets easier.

On to the Flyers.  I can’t tell if I can’t wait to see that game or if I just want it to be over with.  Can’t they just play cricket?

I’ve been trying to compile a good list of NHL sources on Twitter, and I finally found the one missing from the NHL On The Fly crew, Mike Johnson.  His is not a name easily hunted down on Twitter.  David Amber helped me out.  This is the first thing I saw tweeted by Mr. Johnson:

That was also his last tweet regarding that game.  I seriously considered unfollowing him, though I had only been following for three seconds.


Okay, so the Sharks are up and down, up and down, but come on!  How exciting can it possibly be to comment on yet another spectacular achievement by Datsyuk?  I get it already.  He’s a God.  Okay.  What about Couture?  What about new news?  I guess at this point the Sharks winning big after losing big is not soooo new.

But Couture has been wonderfully consistent, or should I say consistently wonderful.  He needs more press.  Datsyuk doesn’t.  If I had to choose between Datsuyk and Crosby, well, okay, but those were not the choices tonight, not in Detroit.




  1. lotsashots says:

    I was kinda bummed when I found out that Hannibal Smith was from the “A-Team” and not the Hannibal Heyes I thought you meant from the “Alias Smith and Jones” TV show.
    Oh well, great win and all.
    Regarding Mr. Johnson’s twitter comment. East Coast homer,the West has no skill worth commenting on. He can go tweet himself I guess. Although I do like the guy on NHL On The Fly.
    Keep up the good work petshark.

    • petshark says:

      Sorry about the let down. Some of my tv references are very silly. They are stuck in my brain like a remnant from some exposure to toxic chemicals as a kid;)
      Thanks for visiting!

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