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Being Green


It’s hard being green.  I don’t mean ecologically conscientious, or Kermit either.  I mean green, like not a wise veteran.  I didn’t even know the Sharks had beaten the Flyers so very much that it might bother them.

I should not write about Sharks on game days.  Superstition and all that.  So I’ll just point out something someone else wrote:


Nothing is easy.  Even my shiny new DTV system is buggy, in a way it was buggy back before I dumped DTV for Dish.  It looses time, just like an internet feed.  The picture is a lot better but it is still irritating.  I put the calls in to the relevant people and some day they will get back to me.  Also, it is raining which usually gives me reception problems.  Double expletive.

Back to the problem at hand:

The Flyers haven’t cracked the Sharks in 11 previous meetings, dating back to Dec. 21, 2000, which marks their last win over the Bay Area teals.  -Philabright.com


Everyone play nice?  Please?


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