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Hockey in Pleasantville

I don’t understand it either.  The whole thing reminds me of the town’s response to the first spot of color in Pleasantville: confusion, discomfort, suspicion, and anger.

Color bias? No, not that kind of color.

Puck Daddy just minutes ago published an article on this subject, and it has a photo of P.K. Subban at the top.  Funny, I was thinking Subban was part of this story too.  But it wasn’t the flap over Subban that got the ball really rolling.

Now, 3-D tv, that bugs me.  Maybe I am too old.  Maybe I learned many years ago how to see three dimensions in a 2-D image.  But so far, no 3-D video spectacle has ever looked better to me, it just made my nose itch.  My peripheral vision works fine, so I am always aware of the fact that I am not actually inside the screen.  Perhaps I simply lack imagination, am stuck in the old ways.  Sort of like some NHL personalities:

The troublesome issue, of course, isn’t whether or not he showed up the Lightning or crossed some sort of imaginary code of conduct. If a guy wants to be a showboat, that’s his prerogative.

It’s that he risked the game trying to draw attention to himself. -Toronto Sun

Really?  Was Omark really in that much jeopardy of losing the puck and fouling things up?  Would it have been better if he just went straight in there didn’t score?  Since he has a history of doing smart-ass things in hockey games, I suspect he had this little spin under control.  5 years from now, no one will even think it was that extraordinary.

And there, in a nutshell, is a big part of why the NHL is still struggling to make inroads south of the border.

It’s too boring. Too vanilla. And those inside the game evidently want to keep it that way. -Canoe, SLAM Sports

I don’t think hockey is boring, but I agree that someone wants it to be if they get this worked up over a little figure-skating.

Maybe the media is just blowing it out of proportion.  They can’t even agree on how people feel about it:

To the victor go the spoils. Today just about everyone (except the Lightning) is praising Omark’s unusual shootout marker. -TSN

Hockey fans loved Linus Omark’s spin-o-rama debut to clinch the Edmonton Oilers’ shootout victory Friday, while just about everyone inside the game were disgusted by it. -Canoe, SLAM Sports

Needless to say, Dan Ellis fell into the second group:

“It’s embarrassing for [Omark]. You come into a league, a respectful league like this, and you try a little move like that. It’s not a very classy thing.” -Dan Ellis, quoted by Staples Center Ice

Dan, Dan, Dan… what can I say?

This reminds me a lot of the chatter about P.K. Subban.  No, I have not seen him doing gratuitous spins or cartwheels on the ice, but I am starting to suspect he does something equivalent, something not observable to my untrained eye.  Or should I say my unconditioned eye.

Subban: can't "earn that respect" fast enough for his liking.

Did they skirt the issue when Subban was the target, because people were so jumpy about race issues that they did something racist?  Did they really not want to talk about personality or superficial conduct matters because they were afraid it would turn into a “race thing?”  What good luck then, that Omark decided to do his little dance on national tv.  At the very least it proved that regardless of race, kids do the craziest things.

Watching games from the 70s and even 80s, the game looks very different.  Things change.  Maybe someone always whines about the changes.  Maybe the press likes to fabricate scandals.  Right or wrong, change will occur.  And a lot of the changes will be initiated by some kid who didn’t know any better.


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