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DW Tells All

Okay, I’m sure Doug Wilson did not tell all in his Q & A with season ticket holders yesterday.  But he said a lot more than he usually says.  Maybe.  Maybe he says this kind of stuff every year.  I’m new in town, I wouldn’t know.  Here are some things that caught my eye and made me say “huh?”

In talking about the team’s general play, one fan cited Dan Boyle as “the only one who really comes out and throws himself on the ice every single night.” That drew this response from Wilson:

“I’m a big Danny Boyle fan, but I will tell you that there are things that Danny does that slows our team down because sometimes he tries to do too much…”

Uh oh… that made me want to jump to the next question, like it hit a “mute” button in my head.  “I’m a big Danny Boyle fan, but..?”  There is no “but” here!  So I moved on before my head spun clean off.

Wilson was asked what kind of players he was still  looking to pick up for this team:

“Every team in this league would love two things: one more  defenseman and one more centerman. It’s  supply and demand of the whole league. …”

Well, not every team is looking for those players.  Some have plenty.  Okay, maybe only the Flyers have plenty, a blue line as deep as the rush hour crowd at Starbuck’s, (and every bit as eager to jump forward) centers stacked so high they’re toppling into the wings.

But I’m pretty sure they are not going to share, unless you ask for Zherdev, but he hasn’t been marketed very well so it might not occur to you to ask.  I’m also not sure he is ready to play like a super set-up guy.  Also, he’s not a center.  But he’s got a really nice contract!  (From a GM’s perspective anyway.)

Wilson was asked something to the effect of ‘what’s going on with Patrick Marleau?’

“Patty is the first to tell you – he had a heck of a year last year, played well in the playoffs – but to be sitting here minus-16 on five on five, that’s not him and that’s not his game. And I’d say the same thing about Joey Pavelski…”

The structure of that sentence leaves something to be desired, but the gist of it is pretty familiar- “we’re not happy, they’re not happy, nobody is happy about this.”  That seems a little unfair after the flaying he just gave Boyle.  Which I did not read closely, which I did not quote in its entirety, what with my brain going into “resist negative input” mode.

Finally, Wilson knows how to work the crowd and got the biggest laugh of the night when someone said he heard Todd McLellan say that it wasn’t his job to rally the team, that it was the captain’s responsibility. What did Wilson think of that?

“First of all, if Todd’s telling you he doesn’t do that, he does…that friggin’ rooster hair goes straight up. . . .  He’s actually had to do it too many times this year.”

Bwhaaaa-yeeee!  Todd said what?  Poor Joe.  He had no idea this job was gonna be so hard.  I am glad to hear that McLellan does in fact jump in there, even if he is not astrologically programmed to do that, even if he has some crazy notion that it isn’t the coach’s job to do that.

Once again, I ask: will the real leader on this team please stand up?


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