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Dilly Dally & Dallas

Stars @ Sharks, Dec 13, 2010

I noticed a few things during tonight’s game, aside from the losing thing.  I mean “inconsisting” of course.  But when you are beaten twice in two games by the same team, that is not very inconsistent.  Aside from Ott’s histrionics about Thornton leaving him after the face off, I didn’t give much thought to how Dallas was playing.  The leg grab was a nice touch.  Other Dallas players did seem to be in the way a lot too.

Raycroft could be making his way onto my Most Irksome list, but I’ll give it another game.

Boyle.  He tries to do too much, they say, even other people than Wilson.  Maybe Boyle suspects that not all of his team mates can handle their assignments.  He is probably right.  But not trusting them is the wrong answer.  If he would trust them to be there, they might start trusting themselves and be there, especially the rookies.  That is about all I can say is imperfect about Dan Boyle as a hockey player.  And that cost me.

Nemo is improving in leaps and bounds, or should I say stretches and slides.  His hands!  So much better.  He still isn’t as wise as Nitty but time will get him there.

Jammer I think tendered an invitation for fisticuffs later in the week, but I cannot be sure.

Vlasic is also remembering to sometimes move forwards and not always backwards.  Just tonight I saw him back off when he might have moved in quick and controlled the puck.  The team survived the ensuing rush by Dallas.  The next time, Vlasic did move forwards, not backwards.  He may be realizing he is faster than he thinks.  Maybe not as nimble but pretty fast in a straight line.  He needs to be more brave.  Not all in a rush, no need to topple his sense of direction entirely, but baby steps, baby steps forward.

Wallin is looking quite good. For example, he draws little attention from the message board fans.  This is a good thing.  To me, I do not recognize him so quickly on the ice: he seems smoother, faster than he did before.  I think being not injured helps in this department.

Which brings me to Paddy.  In the last couple of games, some fans said he was playing like he might be injured.  He did seem less effective out-skating players, or holding his ground against them.  He seemed less nimble.  Then suddenly tonight he looked much more himself.

This makes me wonder how that happens.  Maybe he saw a chiropractor?  I don’t discount the mental factor.  Maybe his mind just wasn’t in the last few games.  But overly quick recoveries make me nervous.  Way too quick for comfort.  Wallin was pretty banged up in that fall.  How is it he looks so well now?

Lo and behold, Murray was out again.  Did he come back too quickly?  Did he re-injure himself?  Get injured again already?

I know, it’s their job to be game ready.  Their bodies are part of that readiness.  I just don’t like to think about all the ways of masking injury, of rushing a body back to work.  It seems wrong to me.  It makes me uncomfortable.

Also it seems unwise.  These aren’t even the playoffs.  I can’t confirm my suspicions so I will push the worry out of my head.

When analyzing brush strokes or handwriting, a smooth, unbroken line is a sign of confidence.  It means the person making the line did not hesitate or backtrack or change their mind about when to draw the line.  Any hesitation at all will show up in the shape of the line.  From a mental pause to a skipped synapse to a manual twitch.  “The head bone’s connected to the neck bone, the neck bone’s connected to the back bone,” and so on.

That could be applied to anything, even between people who do not share body parts.  If you expect someone to be where they are supposed to be and they are not, well maybe next time they will be.  Dawdling around waiting for them, or wondering if you need to change plans will probably end as badly as expecting them to be there.  All of that requires a lot of communication: visual, audible, even instinctual, the kind of communication you get from knowing your partners.

This is why I wish Todd would leave the lines alone for a bit, let them set, see what happens.


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