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Sharks @ Predators, Dec 15, 2010

Hm.  It was just not in the stars.  Don’t believe me?  You try playing pro hockey in a fluffy frame of mind.

Virgo (Nemo, Paddy): You may find that things are much lighter than they were the past couple days, Virgo. This is a good time to let your physical body take a rest and let your mind and fantasy world take over. Take a hot bath and soak for a while. Relax your brain and detach from your duties and obligations.

Cancer (Thornton, Boyle, Pavs): The day has a dreamy, innovative quality to it that asks you to venture out on a limb. If all your chores are taken care of, feel free to go exploring – mentally or physically.

Aquarius (Heater, Mitchell and Braun): Take a break from reality for a while. Let your inner child play. You should enjoy a greater self-confidence that you can use effectively to influence other people. Beware of anyone who asks you to make a solid commitment today.

Capricorn (Nichol, Setoguchi): Your thoughts may have a dreamy quality today, Capricorn. You will find that things are less stable than they have been for the past few days.

Libra (Clowe and McLellan):  The air has started to clear and the winds of communication have started blowing again. Listen closely to the buzz in the air. You can learn a lot by tuning into other people’s fantasies. Make sure you keep an open mind and open heart… You will have something important to learn.

Well, that last part may well be true.  And this one certainly was:

Aries (Couture, Vlasic):  Be prepared for some unexpected breakdowns or the need to review what you thought was finished…

Wonder why I don’t have anything specific to say about the game?  What is there to say?

Sharks 2, Predators 3.  The Preds are probably all Saggitarians.

Sharks in a muddle again.




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