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Will & Trust

Sharks @ Dallas, Dec 16, 2010

During the pre-game chat, Thornton says all the same bland things, such that I do not remember what he says.  But I like his tone.  He sounds edgier than usual.

I remember Jammer’s fighting words from Monday.  I hope they fizzle to naught.  I have a sense that the team needs to stay cool-headed, serious, not go looking for emotional patches or quick fixes.

Seto scores.  Capricorn rising?

These new lines have ruined my nice names. Oh well.

It seemed early in the second that Dallas took the lead.  They tied it some time near the end of the first.

I get very sleepy.  I get sleepy when I am unhappy and can’t do anything about it.  I start to doze off.

Mitchell scores, right out front, a clean hard shot.  I wonder what his sign is. Ah, another Aquarian.

Seto scores again.  I wake right up.


During the last minute of the second, two Dallas players have the puck behind the Sharks’ net.  Paddy and Boyle go after them.  I think Cooter takes Boyle’s place by the crease.  Dallas can’t get the puck out but Paddy and Boyle can’t control it either.

Drew Remenda says, as if to the Sharks: “Get there & help, get there & help!”

I think: “No. Stay where you are.  Don’t overload that side: trust them to win.”

The Sharks hold their ground, keeping the other Dallas players out of it.  Dallas loses control of the puck, tries to send it up the boards.  A Shark gets to it in time and forces it out.

Is this a new key to the game?  Trust your team to win?  Expect success, not mistakes?  If you have to choose, be prepared for things to go well, not badly.


When Dallas tied it up again, I thought “I am sure glad I started writing about the game before now.”  The end of the Predators game was such a downer that it wiped all the happy thoughts out of my head, the ones I had during the good part of the game.

I started thinking, well, even if they lose, I have seen some good signs, there’s some fight in them yet…

They didn’t lose.  They scraped the win out.  I thought “yay, now can you do it again?”  Then I thought “I am such an ungrateful [unpleasantfemale] of a fan.”

I’m not the only one who has stayed a little cautious.

Setoguchi, back from injury in a big way, said:

“One game doesn’t mean anything. It’s got to be a consistent effort put forth every night. It’s just me skating — when I’m skating, I’m at my best. Move my feet, shoot the puck and they’re going to go in.” -WTC

In his post game interview, Couture still looked a little riled.  He had some things to say about winning the game, but he did not look jubilant.

As a viewer, I mourn my lack of faith.  It is so nice to believe your team will recover from bad spells, and not lose right after they win.

What I did genuinely like about this win is that they fought back, they pulled out of a nose dive. That is what winners do.  They are not perfect, but they know how to fight through the flaws.  I absolutely loved the story about Wallin telling Demers to hold his head up after the Nashville debacle.  It happens to everyone, winners shake it off.

I like Wallin more and more.

All this is good.  I noticed some time ago that when I start to get impatient with the Sharks, they tend to turn it around.  That suggested to me that they had as much patience as I do with them.  This is not good.  I have too much patience to be a competitive pro athlete.  They need to be less patient than I am.

I could be imagining things but when Couture came onto the ice for that OT power play and slid himself into position for that shot, his body language seemed to say: “Enough already!  Put the damn thing in the net!”

I don’t think Couture is the only one who is done waiting for Goodgame.  There was a noticeable uptick in everyone’s pace at some point during this game.  The fan-fest seemed to strike more than one player, in a rash like a communicable nervous disorder, but they didn’t dawdle getting back to work.

Like I said, I could be imagining things, or reading too much into horoscopes.



  1. Scum says:

    I like your site and the commentary Petshark. I agree with most of it. Very thoughtful, that’s what makes reading worthwhile for me. You’ve taken the time to understand your subject.

    Of course, we may disagree in the future, but that’s how life happens sometimes, eh?

    Will bookmark you.

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