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How to Beat the Blues

I have no idea how to beat the St. Louis Blues but I do know that watching my team win makes me happy.  Like this morning, coming back after an early morning of work to watch the Flyers beat the Rangers.

Two for Nikky-Z

That made me happy.  I don’t even have to update my standings graphic because they are still in first place in the East.  Cool.  It was also entertaining to hear the crowd call “Boooooooosh!” every time he made a save.  Very sweet.  Boosh gets a lot of love from his fans there, at least on a good day.


So I hope Seto and Cooter got their rest, and that Cooter’s visit to the mall helped him relax, even if he didn’t find what he was looking for. I think being an impatient shopper is not a bad thing.  Be demanding, Cooter, accept nothing but the best, right now.

I have a holiday party to go to tonight. I have a vague notion that I may be able to convince them to put the game on.  I will try not to freak out if they won’t.  I am slowly trying to re-integrate myself into the hockey-indifferent West Coast society I live in.  At the same time I am trying to convert everyone I know into hockey fans.  I have made some progress, but there are a lot of people on the West Coast.

So go Sharks!



  1. Scum says:

    One at a time petshark, one at a time [converting hockey fans]…

  2. Scum says:


    You’ll be happy to know that Marleau escaped his funk, and played solid 2-way hockey tonight, as did most of the forwards.

    Hope the Christmas party was a blast!
    (use a designated driver dear!)

  3. petshark says:

    Good party, made better by seeing 3rd period on big tv. What a hockey day. Flyers and Sharks both win 4-1. Wow.

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