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All 4-1, 1-4 All

Wow. Saturday hockey was like a Christmas prezzie!

Speaking of which, I am now viewing the Sharks game in its entirety, and they are showing a clip during intermission of the Sharks Holiday thing.  I am not sure how I feel about it, but it does give me the giggles.  I guess that is a good thing.

Anyway, Flyers and Sharks both won by four to one.  Gotta love symmetry, which is pretty much how the teams looked.  Good balanced lines, a lot of confidence. I don’t think either opponent represented an enormous challenge, but neither team played down accordingly.  That’s a good sign in both cases.

Both teams had skates to fill on defense, though few can fit into Pronger’s.  It would be nice to have Murray back, but the youngsters do need the ice time.

There was a mismatched fight in each game, size-wise anyway.  Carcillo at least had the opportunity to drop the gloves and circle.  As far as I could tell, Nichol was not given so much warning.  Anyway, there was some make-up fighting in St. Louis.  Evidently the Blues were going to keep fighting until someone hurt one of them.  Mayers did oblige.  I don’t get it at all.  I have yet to see a team come back and win because of a fight.  When the game is close, they tend not to fight, and when it is not close it usually stays not close.  Whatever.

I listened to the first period on the radio, which made me understand why people might buy XM radio.  But it worked okay.

I almost pulled over to post something to Facebook when Pickles scored.  But I guessed that most of my FB friends would not understand “Pickles!”  except to maybe think I was afflicted with a craving. Who isn’t craving Pickles points?

Finally, Paddy looks good.  He didn’t score but that’s fine.  The radio announcers made more of his play than Randy and Drew did, but Rusanowsky was doing a radio play by play, so I guess more details were called for.

With Paddy seems to be on the mend, who next?  I guess JT could use a cheering section but I am still mad about the whole letter thing.  Hm.  I hardly know anything about Huskins.  Maybe he needs some attention.

No, I think Nitty needs a boost.  Sitting for so many games seems to hurt him as much as it does Nemo.  Then, in a game like this, with so few shots on goal, he is having trouble getting back  into it.  Right after the penalty shot debacle, and it was pretty awful, the Blues took control of play and got several shots on goal in a row.  Nitty seemed much happier with that.

I think the coaching staff is finding its way with this tandem goalie thing.  Maybe a little more tweaking is in order.  Maybe a couple fewer games in their playing stretches?  Or rather their “sitting” stretches?  At the start of the season, they were swapping them too quickly, or putting Nemo in for one of every few.  Now I think they each had like five or six?  Give them four each?  I don’t know, it is a problem.  Obviously neither one is ideally suited as a back up.  They don’t play so well cold as, say, Leights or Boosh do.

I’ll think more about that tomorrow.  I’m sure McLellan will too.


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