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Flyers Hooky

Panthers @ Flyers, Dec 20, 2010


That Holmgren really looks after those guys.   He even hired a team of body doubles so they could have an extra long holiday break.  Too bad he couldn’t draw from the AHL.  Something about needing amateurs only, an emergency involving a plane grounded by a typhoon somewhere.  Not sure what temp agency these guys came from.

You could see it on Bob’s face, a look that transcends language barriers, a look that says: “who the hell are these guys?  Where did my team go?”  I guess no one let him in on the plan to play hooky instead of hockey.

Lavy was very convincing.  I almost believed he was watching the real Flyers fall down out there.

Nah, I know that was them.  They just had a lot of inconsisting to catch up on.  All that winning wears on a team’s sense of balance.

Oh well.  I’ll take my cue from them and ignore this game.

But hey, Vokoun got a shut out.  That’s nice.   I like Vokoun.

Panthers 5, Flyers 0.

For the gory details, you’ll have to ask someone who gets paid to write them.


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