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When it Rains it Pours

Flyers @ Canucks, Dec 28, 2010

“We thought this would be a tight affair” said the announcers near the end of the game. Yeah, not so much. 6-2 Canucks.

A rain storm is interfering with my internet access, so I can’t check the Sharks score, but I am sort of thinking this game was a lot like the Sharks game yesterday. Except that the Sharks were coming in on a wining streak and the Flyers had gone into the holiday after losing to the Panthers.

It was one of those games that makes me decide to do my nails and put on a face mask or something, just so I can feel someone got something done during those few hours.

I tried to see how Bartulis was doing, but in the melee of terrible performances, it was hard to pick his out. As far as I can tell, he did okay.

The announcers also mentioned more than once how the team missed Pronger. They also missed Giroux and Carter and Nodl and Timonen and Richards. And during much of the game, most everyone else too.

Bob had a good game. Boosh had a part of a good game. The announcers were calling for Leights in the third but I think Bob did fine.  Short of playing three goalies, one period apiece, to get them all tuned, I don’t think it mattered who was in goal.

JVR made a very nice play midway through the third. It resulted in naught but it was nice anyway, he got the puck from 3 Nucks and out to Carter, but Carter couldn’t get it by Luongo. That’s understandable. Luongo can be obstructive that way.

I as glad that they spent a little time replaying Richards’ non-hit on one of the Sedins. Then they talked about how Richards has sworn off awful hits ever since the Booth calamity. That’s nice.

The Flyers mostly looked sleepy. I think it was past their bedtime. Also they had a preposterous winning streak to shore up. Apparently they had not lost in Vancouver since 1989. Yi-ii. Ah well, out with the old, in with the new!

I kept watching to the bitter end for signs of life, signs that something better would show up on Thursday. There were glimmers. I imagine Lavi will cast some light on the subject before they all get to LA.

Aha. The rain let up, the internet is back. Now I see, the Sharks did indeed lose by 4 yesterday. Maybe the teams are back in sync? I know teams take a shut out pretty hard, but really, losing by 4 is still losing by 4. You could argue that the Flyers lost by 5 since Manny put one in for them, but I don’t think stats work that way. Manny also scored the first of the game so he shouldn’t feel too badly.

Shelley was in tonight. Josh Getzoff said something on Twitter that sounded happy about that, or perhaps he was just happy Carcillo was out. I was not. Carcillo is growing on me, and Shelley, ex-Shark or no, seems to always get into it. This time he got a game misconduct for hitting someone who wasn’t even looking at him. I watched the replay fairly closely and could not find any excuse for it. Yes, he was in a fight, but not with that guy. Loose cannon, that one.

Ah well, these are my teams. Tomorrow I drive to LA for my crash course in being a fan of the visiting team. I am vaguely anxious about being completely blind and deaf to the Sharks game in Minny but really I must get a grip. Choices choices. I sort of hope this storm will blow itself out tonight.

Oh good.  Twitter is back up.  I wish it had stayed down:

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