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The Road

Sharks @ Wild, December 29

I watched the movie The Road recently.  I guess if you were a hopeless optimist, you could see that story as a walking tour of the remnants of a once great civilization, like Pompeii.  Sure, it’s all in disarray and most everything is broken, but there are signs that some hard work and skill and beautiful thoughts went into making the thing that got blown to bits in the explosion.

Sort of like listening to the third period of the Sharks game in Minny. 

Even though the Wild scored first, the Sharks seemed to have everything in hand, running roughshod over the green men for most of two periods.

Then they were gone. 

Before that sad ending came to be, I broke down and bought a little portable XM radio so I could listen to the game on my way to LA. Thoughts of replacing my antiquated cell phone with a smart phone came and went.  I could not imagine how a I could get a webcast of the game over such a device without paying for it by the minute.  They even gave a me a free 90 day trial, so I really was not paying by the minute.

Listening to Power Play for some hours and then the Sharks game was far and away the best thing since books on tape came out.  I found the announcers amusing. They said such funny things, like calling Mashinter “Masinger”, or saying Nitty was a Flyer last year (they corrected that later) or calling Nitty “Niemi” a few times during one play.  And then saying that Clowe was also an ex-Flyer.  I had to wonder how I missed that

Sifting through those gaffes was fun, until about 7 pm when the Sharks game went south.  Sigh.  It started out so well!  And then, what?  What? 

I find that when I travel by car I rely on the most basic and unimaginative landmarks.  I will not wander out of site of the freeway, even with a sat nav device.  Finding a place to buy an XM radio was not hard since Best Buy is designed for people like me.   While travel can be an adventure, I tend to stick to familiar things: fast food, gas station names I recognize, roads that I know. 

I wonder if hockey teams are like that or just the opposite?  I don’t mean about shopping or buying gas- I mean finding their way through the game.  I wonder if they are more or less adventuresome on the road, about what they try or do or think about doing in a game. 

Since I wasn’t actually watching the game I can’t tell how the Sharks played, aside from one ferocious flurry after the Wild scored, some time in the second I think.  Then I could tell they were a little agitated about the Wild catching up to them. 

And then it seemed to stop.  I could not tell if this was because they suddenly lost power or if they were so flustered that everything they did just went wrong. 

Oh well.  Lots of other Pacific Division teams got stomped tonight too. 

What I mean to say is: now I am losing patience again, I sort of want to yell at someone.  So I guess the Sharks are probably about there too.  I can’t remember who is next. 

Tomorrow it’s all Flyers… mainly Flyers… those Flyers still standing anyway.  I am very disappointed about not seeing Pronger or Timonen tomorrow.  In general I am disappointed that the team will miss their contributions for a while, or even for a short time.  But I am more cranky that I don’t get to see them. 

I’m just selfish that way sometimes.  That was a long drive.


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