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This day and age

Chris Pronger won’t be back.  First it was back surgery, then it was an eye injury, then it was a mystery ailment dubbed a virus, which turned out to be post concussion syndrome.

From that comment, I would say it sounds like post post post concussion syndrome, as in the kind players “used” to have when they played through head injuries.  The kind of symptoms that show up a lot later.  The kind of condition that the NFL players were suing the NFL over in 2010.  Some were suing from their death beds. (more…)

Breaking: head injuries are bad

I feel like I’ve been ranting about head injuries from day one.  And again on day 365.  And again on day… call it a pet peeve.  I always come back to the notion that we’re going to have to talk about this, and talk some more, and then discuss it again and have a few more chats and shouting matches until the noise becomes so unbearable that the NHL does something about it just to shut us up.  I want to start this time by saying I believe they have done something, they need to keep it up.

Today I read a piece that begins with the irony that the NHL could put together quite the All Star team made up of players currently out with concussions.  It goes on to say people are getting uncomfortable with all this concussion talk:

“It matters not how concussions are happening – head shots, fights, accidents with sticks and pucks, running into one’s own teammate – they have become an increasingly polarizing issue in today’s hockey. “ -Globe and Mail

Bullshit. It absolutely matters how they are happening. You can see how it matters, once you get over the “oh my god, you mean their BRAINS get damaged? Even Crosby’s? Even young Skinner’s? HOW CAN THAT BE IT IS INTOLLERABLEAAAAAAHHH!” (more…)

On the move again

It seems that you can take lighters on planes again.  Also, e-cigs. I find  this interesting because a couple of e-cigs in a metal case have to look a little suspicious, don’t they?

The only problem with driving in Sonoma county at 3:30 am is the tule fog.  You encounter it lying across the road in opaque swaths, so dense that you really can’t see more than 10 feet in front of you.  It’s suddenly there, just like a tule deer jumping out in front of you.   I’m never quite sure how much to slow down. You know anyone ahead of you might slow, not being able to see the freeway and all, but you can’t expect the car behind you to do the same, certainly not the big rigs.  Luckily,  the freeway is pretty empty before 4. (more…)

Things could be worse, but now the Sharks need to be better

(Originally published at Kukla’s Korner)

Sharks fans thought we had it bad when the Sharks embarrassed themselves and us by losing 3-0 to the Coyotes. That was bad, but it could have been worse. Coyotes do stuff like that all the time, sneak up on you and steal your chickens when you’re not looking. Imagine being a Wings fan and watching the Blues… oh. Right, done that too. Some Wings fans are pretty mad about that. Like, really pissed off. I wonder if Mr. Babcock is also pissed off.

Ok, well, what about Stars fans, however many there are? They have to be pretty angry about a 6-0 loss to the Panthers. Sure, the Panthers are on a streak of road wins but still, it’s the Panthers, and Dallas has forgotten they were doing amazingly well and has started dropping games like pennies in a wishing well. So it could be worse. (more…)

All thumbs

I decided not to go to practice today.  I have to deal with life a little and maybe even clean up my office and I am having a crisis of confidence and an overpowering sense that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing at practice anyway.  I remembered why I wanted to go (to see the Preds practice, to add another team to my “seen practice” list) but I had forgotten and I only remembered when it was too late to change my mind.    When I finally got around to checking Twitter, I found this article about social media and sports writing and how the former is going to kill off the latter. (more…)

Pennsylvania on my mind

I’m very glad I stayed in SJ to watch the Penguins practice today instead of leaving it for tomorrow.  This looks like a proper practice, not the half-warmup I guess many teams do on game days.

It’s also surprisingly gratifying to see Crosby skating in the drills.  I guess no one else would be surprised by that but I didn’t expect to care much.

They don’t look new but  I like the pads on one of the goalies, black with gold and silver arched stripes.  Very pretty.  It also clarifies the strange beige hue in the Pens colors.  I guess it’s supposed to be gold.  Without shine, though, it just looks beige. (more…)

All access, all the time. Or else.

So whose idea was it to set up a media access limit for Ilya Bryzgalov?  Was it his idea?  Was it Flyers management?  Was it Jeff Reese?  Does it matter?

What if it isn’t about the media at all, but a way of saying to Bryz “you can’t go out and play with your friends until you do your homework and get an A”?  Now that would be a story.

When Mike Richards was the Flyers captain, at least 25% of what I read was about how difficult he was to interview, especially after a bad game.  The guy clearly is not a stagey sort, needs his space.  Tough.  Being exposed to the media whenever they want you is part of being Captain.  Unless you’ve just been poked in the eye with a sharp stick.  Don’t know why the media didn’t scream about that.  Hey, bleeding faces on scared to death of being blind people make good press.  Maybe they were showing compassion?  Because they can, when given the option? (more…)