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Who were those guys?

SJSU @ SRJC, Jan 29, 2011

It was not a fairly matched game.  This San Jose State team has not, according to  their website, won a game this season.  It needs updating but tonight did not depart from that pattern.

Knowing the outcome of the game is hardly a spoiler.  With SJS’s record, against the SRJC season record of 11 wins out of 15 games, how much suspense  could I expect? (more…)

Radio Days

My grandfather used to listen to baseball games on the radio. I remember coming into the kitchen early in the morning, seeing him there at the table in his ranch clothes, having already been out to do the morning chores.  One hand would be wrapped around a cup of coffee,  the other hand on the table, fingers curled a little, rapping a knuckle against the table top.  He listened with his eyes fixed on a distant place reflected in the surface of the table. 


Dropsy Days

Day two of being mostly bedridden with a head cold.  Reduced to heckling Philly beat writers on Twitter, can’t remember what I used to watch on tv before hockey. 

I think the cold meds are getting to me, am considering following Mike  Commodore on Twitter but he tweets a lot… Like A LOT.


Hurt So Good

A little back and forth on Twitter caught my eye this morning:

To which Whyno tweeted: (more…)


Where will Nabby go?  Looks like nowhere.  I mean, everyone seems to understand why he would not want to play for the Islanders, but if I figured out they would put in a claim for him before it happened, then I imagine he could have too, and certainly Meehan could have.  So feigning surprise only makes me think someone is lying or else is a lot dumber than I thought. (more…)

Rockin’ Robin

Just when I thought Twitter could not get more intoxicating, I bump into some feeds about the Adirondack Phantoms.  Like this one today:

You know I got all cranky about THAT.  And then this one: (more…)

Not lie down

Sharks @ Canucks, Jan 20 2011

I don’t want to care if the Sharks win this one.  I know they need the points but I don’t want to want a win against the Canucks.  The Sharks losing to them just isn’t something I want to feel bad about.  It’s hard but I’m going to try and not care about the winning thing.

I just want the Sharks to not lie down. (more…)