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Morning Skate, Jan 1 2011

Nope, I did not get to see the Sharks practice this morning.  Either I left too early or they practiced at Staples Center, which would make sense.  I left because the security guard told me they were not on the schedule.  He stopped short of saying “No, they will not be here” but he did repeat that they were not on the schedule.  When they dimmed the lights over the ice and no Zamboni showed up, I considered this determinative.

I listened to a broadcast of the 2010 Winter Classic, Flyers v. Bruins.  Thomas and Leighton were in nets.  Interesting to think of Thomas playing that game in view of how the rest of that season went for him.  Also, Leighton and Lavi would have been pretty new to the Flyers team at that point.

The Flyers were up by 1 when I tuned in.  The announcer said that Leighton’s main weakness was letting the puck get through him.  Sounds like a pretty calamitous problem for a goalie!

Neil Diamond came on during the last few minutes of the third period, Sweet Caroline?

That game ended badly for the Flyers and their new coach.

While I was at the Toyota Sports Center,  I met a couple of women up from San Diego for the game.  They were there to watch the Kings practice.  Only a few Kings showed up, Bernier, Mitchell and a couple of other skaters. 

One of the women is very new to hockey fandom, this is her first season following it.  The other has been a fan for a few years.  Neither has any family history with hockey.  They are spontaneous converts, friends and family mystified.  They are younger versions of me, as hockey fans. 

The more seasoned one is a Kings fan but also a Hawks and Pens fan.  I found myself cringing and getting a little cranky as she sang the praises of Kris Letang.  She had purple nail polish.  It did not look as strange as my teal nails.  I mentioned that we should not talk about Pens or Flyers.  She stopped talking about Letang.  We talked about Kings and Sharks and Nemo and goalies.

It was a worthwhile outing.  Also, I got to hear the ice again.  That alone was worth getting up early for.  I probably will not be able to hear it tonight either.  I have very good seats for seeing, so probably they are bad for hearing.

Sweet Caroline is now stuck in my head.


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