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Happy Birthday Seto

Sharks @ Kings, Jan 1, 2011

When the woman at Kinkos (aka FedEx Office) said she liked my orange nails and asked if I had had them done, I thought she was kidding. I said no I did them myself and she said “but they’re so smooth!”  I still did not believe she thought I had gone to a manicurist, but I went ahead and explained that I was going to a Flyers hockey game.

When the man at the mini mart tonight said “that’s a pretty color,” I thought for a moment he meant my sweatshirt, so I said “orange?” touching my shirt.  He said  “no, your nails.”  I said “oh, teal!  Yes, I was at a Sharks hockey game tonight.”

I figure anytime is the right time to promote California hockey.

Also, platform boots are really not the thing to pack as your only shoes.  Spiky heeled short boots do not suffice as a suitable alternative, not if you know you may be scrambling around rough muddy terrain in the dark after midnight to find the spare key to a house in the middle of nowhere.  And do not forget batteries for your flashlight.

By this indirect route I find myself writing this entry sitting on a porch couch that I’m sharing with a weed-whacker.  The way home from a hockey game can be full of surprises.

Of course the game was great.  The Sharks scared me a little by not shooting.  They were outshot going into the 3rd by like 2 to 1, or maybe it was only 21-13. In any case, I had to come up with an excuse to reassure a fellow Sharks fan on the smoking balcony.  I said “it is all part of a plan to hypnotize Quick into a state of lethargy,” or something like that.

Maybe it worked, or maybe Seto is just extra determined on his birthday.

To give the team credit, they did prevent the Kings from scoring.  Nemo got a shut out, but he had to work for it.  I think he stopped 28 or 29 shots.

Also, I thought Huskins looked uncommonly well tonight.  In the second he had a breakaway.  When I saw him darting out of the pack I thought “who?  Is that?… Is that Huskins?  Oh… well, go for it!”  Which of course he was doing.  Quick stopped him but I thought it was a valiant effort.

As if to reward that effort, Huskins shared assist credit with Vlasic on the only and game winning goal, aka Seto’s birthday present to himself and this team.

One thing I did not think was good, but I’m not sure what it was, came from Wallin.  He and Demers I think were coming back to defend against one or two Kings.  I had the distinct sense that Wallin and Demers were very close together- not an efficient use of space, something I am sensitive to.  Wallin was looking at the Kings skater and he sort of frowned and shook his head as if to say “no” or “don’t do that.”  I don’t know if Demers asked him something or if the Kings player said something, but I couldn’t figure out why Wallin looked so aggravated.  I mean of course you would rather not be defending if you could be making the Kings defend, but it seemed like Wallin had something to say and he didn’t say it.

Oh well, it seemed weird to me.

I was impressed by Mashinter. With him being so new and all, my standards are pretty low, but he did seem very much in the right place and very productive.  I did not notice Wingels as much but that is good- I didn’t notice him doing anything grossly wrong.  In my book, new guys can get credit just for not standing out.

It was the sort of game that would bug my cousin, the one who likes scoring. 1-0 may seem tedious to ball game fans but I loved it.  Very suspenseful and also the correct result.

Now I’m going to go to sleep since I have a lot of driving to do in the am.  Pretty sure the weed-whacker will not mind.  It will once again have the couch all to itself.


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