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Kismet Shpismet

I dreamt the other night that I was discussing the Sharks-Kings game with Mike Richards.  At a rodeo.  He was mumbling.  I was mumbling.  I am pretty sure we did not understand a word we said.

It turns out that the sequence of events that led me to the Flyers games in LA was the most direct route possible for me to be able to see Leighton play.  Buy tix to SJ-PHI game b4 finding out Leights needs surgery-> can’t get to Philly due to being stupid-> buy tix to LA games -> go to Kings game not knowing Leights is even on the trip-> see Leighton play, win.

I got to see it.  I should be happy.

I have some memory of this being a likely scenario and also one way to actually keep him with the Flyers organization, along with Boosh and Bob but right now I am distraught so I will just hate Paul Holmgren for a day and think about the wider repercussions later.

Like, why now?  No, no one needs three goalies on the roster but the team wasn’t playing with a short bench or anything, so why now?  What does PH need the space for?  Who is he seeking?

Or is it just to get moving on Leino’s contract?  Leights doesn’t give them much space for that but I guess he was getting more than the others so…

I said I would consider all of this later.  Right now I will just mope and hope for the best tonight when the Nucks come to SJ.

I don’t know what to make of Roloson being sent to Tampa Bay.  I did not see that coming.  Odd.  The adventures of the Libra goalie have become a source of interest to me.  I hope he gets to play down there.  I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t.  Ellis and Smith have been inconsistent… but what does it mean?  If the Flyers, known for always needing a goalie, cannot keep three, who leaves the Tampa Bay roster?

And where will Nabby go?  I might want to start abbreviating that to WWNG?


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