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The 3 Headed Snake

I can’t recall what that snake is called right now, but the Maple Leafs-Thrashers game last night reminded me of it.  It was a surprise and also maybe a sign of the apocalypse.  9-3?  Insane.

Watching the Devils @ Flyers game now.  The commentators mentioned Lemaire’s decision to not automatically play younger players instead of older players.  Basically he needs them to prove they will outwork the veterans.  I’m not sure how the Devils went from a short bench to a surplus of players, but I wasn’t paying attention.

Anyway, Lemaire has so much to do that it must be demoralizing.  Not only is this previously competitive team in a slump, but he only has half a season to fix it.  Once the season ends, off-season roster changes and the usual summer reboot may erase his hard work.

By all accounts, Lemaire will not be there to deal with next season, but if you care about your work, it’s a drag to see it all undone.  If you do your work well, you probably do care.

So Lemaire has this unexpected and monstrous mess to untangle.  The way I understand it, if you cut the head off the 3 headed snake, it will grow more.

Early in the season, the Devils were thrice bitten: poor performance from Kovalchuk, followed by injuries to Parise and Brodeur in quick succession.

By the time Lemaire was called in, the problems had multiplied until even Brodeur’s heart broke. His return from injury was like cutting off one head- others were ready to sprout.

Brodeur has been put in for the first time in a while, to relieve Hedberg. I hope he has a good game. The Flyers are ahead so Brodeur could have a good game without ruining the Flyers’ day.

Poor Devils. Their season looks like a cautionary tale, or maybe a horror movie.

Which is why I hope the Sharks are ready to kill their own demon before it grows up, before it has that third face.  How?  With a stick of course.  Quickly.


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