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Right… Hydra, that’s what it’s called.  How could I forget, a child of Clash of the Titans, original version.  That Hydra is one nasty mother.  Seems like it doesn’t only or always have just three heads, there can be more.

Interestingly, Hecate also comes up in searches for three-headed snakes.  Among other things, she is the Goddess of the crossroads, and images of her in triplicate were placed accordingly where roads met.

So there could not be simply one way for me to react to the Sharks losing three games in a row.  I didn’t even know how many heads that snake had, my first instinct could not be right.  Like, it simply had to be just a bad coincidence that Sharkey finds me again and again at games, finds me among thousands of people, and sets up shop to block my view of the game.  That must just be bad luck, and nothing personal.

I decided that no matter how bummed I was about, it, doom and gloom couldn’t be the only response. That’s why I slept on it.

So here’s what’s happy in petshark’s hockeyverse, as revised by a good night’s sleep:

  • The Flyers won without scoring on Brodeur. That was nice.
  • Islanders won, with the new kid in goal.
  • The Worcester Sharks won.
  • The ‘Nucks were stopped, by the battered Wings.  I don’t hate the Canucks, it was just getting kind of depressing being so bloody right about them.
  • Tampa Bay, with Roloson in goal, are second in the EC, which is unexpected and cheery news.

But where was Ferreiro last night? Glad to see Mayers get promoted, but at Ferriero’s expense? Really? Of those players, it’s Ferriero who looks like a slacker?  Come on, Todd, you can be bolder than that.

The Sharks have not hit bottom.  They do not have to hit bottom.  The fact that players come up from Worcester all vim and vinegar and quickly get turned to glumstone does not mean that this intractable, sluggish, despaire-inducing malaise is incurable.  All the symptoms are there, but the Sharks could turn it around.  Who, how, when, I don’t know.  It’s the law of averages: not every team chooses the same road when they meet Hecate.

Since I like the number three, I can easily identify three roads to follow when you get in a funk.  First, the Devils’ low road- it passes through Hell before it starts to wind upward again.  Second, the Flyers’ flight pattern- as soon as you fall behind, throw everything on hand into the engine fire, play like it’s the end of the world until you’re on top again.  It doesn’t always work in every game, but it seems to be working most of the time.  Third, the Sharks’ familiar hunting path- it dips and rises by unpredictable degrees, like the sea bottom, ever shifting with the tide.  You don’t know where you will end up.  I prefer the second choice, but I won’t predict where the third will take us.


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