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Flyers @ Bruins, Jan 13, 2011


Briere was not so sneaky about cross checking Savard in the back. What was he thinking?  The team killed the penalty but seconds later the Bruins tie it up while the Flyers are distracted trying to tell the ref how to do  his job.  Never a good idea.

Earlier he was very sneaky, lurking behind Tim Thomas, who was too far out of the net to get back in time to stop Briere from scoring.

Boosh made some very fancy stops, but the Flyers have vacillated between being stupendous and being a little fuzzy headed.

Tied at 5 each, less than 3 minutes to go.  The Flyers seem to be getting organized, but a quick breakdown gives the Bruins a chance.  They score.  Less than 1 minute to go.

Oh dear.  Looks like Poo will win this one.  Darn, the Pens might have a chance to catch up to Tigger now.

Phooey.  I suspect Lavi will not be pleased.  I suspect the team will not be pleased.  I anticipate a more steady performance next time, because that’s Flyers hockey.  You do not sit and wonder why, you fix it.


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