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Enter Dragon…Center?

Blues @ Sharks, Jan 15, 2011

Nice decision there Mash. Good call knowing Pickles was up there. Reminded me of another very good play by someone on my other team, an extended battle along the boards followed by a clean pass across the ice: bing bang boom… well, bing scrabble clatter bump thud bang boom anyway.

Mash is developing fast.  I have no idea what  his signs are.

Boyle started the game a little unsteady, with some odd miscues, but seemed to recover late in the first, knocked off the puck, then getting back to his feet and right onto a pass.  Bouncy.

Mash and Nichol help McGinn score his first of the year and Todd actually smiles.  You can tell he’s trying to stay focused but a grin tugs at his face. He lifts a hand and brushes it across his mouth as if to wipe it away.  That doesn’t work.

Not only is it McGinn’s first of the year but it seems like the first insurance goal the team has had in a long time.

Pavs played smart, like really smart and cool headed and determined.  Nemo was pretty good, got unlucky with one bouncing over his head, and another was just pretty well played by the Blues and not so well by him.  JT was solid, scored, really, was quite steady.  Oh yeah, and Heater got two.

49 seconds to go and my heart is still racing, even though the Sharks are up by 2.  Nemo fights the Blues off as they wrestle the game down to the last second.  Paddy and Boyle both miss empty nets.

So, they don’t have the confidence level of a team on a hot streak, but their heads stayed in the game.  They did not look jubilant in the post game interviews, they did not look entirely relieved.  They looked a little worried about being happy, and so they should.  They are coming back, but as Al Swearengen said  “the world ends when you’re dead, until then, you got more punishment in store.”  A variation of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” it also keeps trying to kill you.  All this has happened before and all this will happen again.

I did not get to turn the game on until a few minutes into the second so I was playing catch up on the DVR.  I caught up around the start of the third.  I was afraid to leave the tv for any reason (which did become uncomfortable halfway through the third.)

I might have given Mash a star. McLellan gave him power play time so clearly he is being recognized where it counts.  He’s showing that something something I noticed down in LA.  Rangy, fast, stubborn in a good way, turns up unexpectedly, looming large.  Ambitious.  I would guess he is a fire sign the way he comes on like a house on… I’ll be darned, another Virgo.  Almost a Libra cusp, well, that’s some of the air the team needed anyway.  Mostly just stubborn “I don’t care what my sign is or what I’m supposed to be able to do, I’m doing this” Virgo.  Welcome to the team.

And what about the other sign?  The year?  Oh.  A Dragon.  A great big scary dragon.  Well, guessing fire was not so far off then.

Anyway, enough about Mash, we’ll see how much more we see of him this year.  Well done.

Phew.  San Jose Sharks end six-game skid with victory over St. Louis. That sounds eerily familiar.  I wonder how many such “end skid” articles Pollak has written?

Symmetry is nice.  It would be too much to ask for this chapter to unfold like a mirror image, but tonight I rest a happy Sharks fan.


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