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Settle it Down

I dreamt that I was in a car having visual hallucinations that alternated between complete blackness and walls of flame.  What I found most peculiar about the dream was that, although I was trying to drive a car through blackness or walls of flame (which is hard), I was able to figure out that these were hallucinations because I could see the interior of the car very clearly.  I knew I was not actually going blind or burning to death.  It is important to maintain some objectivity even in the midst of chaos.

Todd McLellan’s comments after the Jan 15 Blues game made me think of someone settling the puck down.  During play, it is hard to imagine taking the time to settle anything down, it isn’t like there’s a lot of time for hesitation, but it is like meditation: in itself it seems like a waste of time, but it makes the time that follows so much more productive that the trade off is worth it.  Take the time to believe it and you will know it.

“I want them to remember how hard it is to win. This can’t be just a one-night thing when we stop a losing streak. This has to be an every-night thing. If we can bottle it up and play that way, it doesn’t guarantee us wins every night, but we’ll have a chance.” -Todd McLellan, speaking to the Merc News

So, was the whiteboard session a one-off, or will Sharks practices for the time being continue to have a period of review, a time to contemplate a plan, or many plans, a classroom exercise?  I hope so.  I believe strongly in the importance of  having a plan and communicating it clearly to all the players.  Yes, some will feel like it is review, maybe they will all feel that way.  But better to be repetitive than to risk someone not getting it.  Repetition in all things is good.

The team didn’t seem tired at the end of the last game, not tired like they were slowing down or making mistakes.  That is a good sign, though Clowe’s previous statements suggested otherwise.  To me it says they are fit enough to get the job done, so long as they play smart.  If they don’t play smart, it doesn’t matter how fit they are.  So I don’t think the team is dealing with the same problems that the Devils are in, they are not so far gone as that.

Almost all of the post game statements included a “we have to be careful not to feel too good about this win, it isn’t over yet.”  That’s another good sign.  Either they all feel the same way or they were all told the same thing.  Either way, they seem to be on the same page.

All together now?  Like some Sharks fans, now cataloging their lists of superstitions for tonight’s game:

  • Banishing the Negativity: Believing harder for the rest of the season
  • “When your team finally comes out of an awful losing streak, it’s natural human foolishness to get a bit superstitious. The only major thing I did differently with the gameday post for the game against the Blues was post an awesome Deadwood clip. Perhaps the Sharks all got together and watched the clip right before the game, and got all fired up? That’s probably the case.” -Megalodon

    We can win this yes we can!!!
    Go team go If we don’t win this no one can!!! -Debbijuell, Sharks message board

I’m breaking one of mine here, by writing about them on a game day, but if they can’t survive a little rule breaking from me…. what am I thinking?  No way will I publish this before the game is over.


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