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Turning Heads

Sharks @ Coyotes, Jan 17, 2011

Someone on Twitter suggested that people watch the Devils @ Islanders today as an extended blooper reel.  So I tuned in.  Both teams had settled down by the time I got to it but one of the announcers mentioned that the heads on the Devils bench were turning, indicating that the players were chatting, in a good mood.

Communication is good.  I think the Sharks have been chatting, they may start turning heads again.

During the second period, a Coyote shot from the point went off of Huskins and almost went in.  Two Sharks got their sticks on it and swept it out of danger.

For me, that was very significant.  Those two sticks lined up like a tiny wall.  That could be a logo or something, it probably is.  But they put the sticks down calmly, collected, not frantic.

I spent the first period doing tv squats.  My tv had died, so I didn’t even realize that I had set the DVR to record the wrong channel.  Turns out I can squat more than I thought.  I believed I would barely be able to get the other tv down the stairs by myself, had been planning to wait for help from my large little brother or something.  Alas, you never know what you can do until you try.  Turns out I can not only dead lift large tv but I can squat very large tv.  I guess my knees are all recovered from that getting old thing.

So, once I got the game on the large tv, I was glad to see a tied game.  That is sort of like a no score game.

I saw Heatley having trouble staying on his feet, but keeping his head in the game.  Of course then he made the crazy stick error, which left the team with a four minute penalty to kill.  Oddly, that kill gave the team a chance to really shine.

CSN has Ray Ratto in there doing commentary, I can’t begin to describe my feelings about that.  He’s negative, gloomy, says nothing informative.  I wish he would never say a word about hockey again.

I don’t know why it is, but it seems a lot easier for me to see mistakes than to see when someone does something well. I need the replays to show me good things.  I don’t know enough yet.

But I do know enough to be suspicious of comments from sources that are mostly negative.  Hence my lack of interest in what Ratto has to say.  I have not forgotten Mr. Kawakami either.  It is a lot easier to pop balloons than it is to blow them up.

All that said, even I can tell that Pavs looks good today.  He is very much in the right place at the right time.

Oops.  Yotes score.  Now it is 3-2.  That should be okay.  Just do a little reset, ignore that just like you’ve ignored those other little mistakes.

They do, the team doesn’t look rattled, they start winning their face offs.  JT makes a steal and scores an empty netter.

Ratto is still frowning as he says Nemo could be really good.  He says some other things that are not negative in a tone that suggests this is painful for him.  Bite me, Ratto.

4-2 Sharks.


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