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Doug’s a Busy Bee

This from the Flyers writer with a publicly acknowledged man-crush on Ryane Clowe.  It’s nice to know other Flyers fans follow the Sharks.  Not sure I agree with his assessment of the team, but if he likes Clowe, his opinion must be worth something.

Anyway, to temporarily accommodate the acquisition of Kyle Wellwood and Ben Eager, the Sharks have returned some players to Worcester:

I don’t have a problem with that.  They have done well but can use some more seasoning.  And yay!  McCarthy is back! Still doesn’t look like I will see him with Nichol and Mayers again soon, if ever at this rate but I am glad he wasn’t at the top of the list to send down again.

Still, what in the world is Doug up to?  Of course the rumors are a-flyin’ on the message board.  The likely scenario, in a world where GMs do what they should do, is that one of the better forwards on the team will be moved for a good defenseman.  Who?  I don’t know, I won’t guess.  It is a little nerve-wracking.

I like the tenuous connection to the Flyers of Kyle Wellwood via his little brother Eric, but that is all I know about Kyle, except that he was in the KHL last year.  Eager used to be a Flyer.  And he’s aptly named:

That’s good.  Not sure I want someone in such a hurry to do suspension worthy things.  But in a draconian sense, it would be nice to remove the pressure to take 5 minute penalties from Clowe, and Mayers for that matter.  But surely Eager would not be worth acquiring just for that?  I could be wrong:

More importantly, you have to think the GM isn’t in love with the idea of Clowe being the first to drop the gloves most nights when things need to get a little physical.  -Working the Corners

Nichol has been suspended for 4 games, which of course rubs Sharks fans the wrong way since Orr was suspended for no games after his hit on Couture.

I hate to be a traitor, but honestly the Orr hit was less blatant as an intentional foul than Nichol’s elbow to the head.  You could argue the Orr hit, you could not argue Nichol’s elbow had any plausible reason to be in Schlemko’s face.  Also, four games is more than Thornton got for the concussion-causing standing in the way of Perron.  So it doesn’t really bother me.  I will miss Nichol but I suspect he could use the rest.


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